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Two extremely hot new laptop options are now available for pre-order at Best Buy. The Dell XPS 15 laptop and XPS 12 convertible laptop are ultra thin, built with premium materials, powered by the latest 6th generation intel Core CPUs and feature stunning 4K displays.

Dell XPS 15 Laptop

Dell’s XPS 13 was easily one of the most talked about laptops of 2015. Its Infinity display with virtually no bezels let Dell stuff a 13.3-inch panel in a laptop smaller than most 12-inch ultraportables. Design and build were top notch, featuring premium aluminum and carbon fibre construction, while battery life was stellar.

This year, Dell gave the same treatment to the larger, XPS 15 and this powerhouse is shaping up to be a serious contender for top productivity, business, professional and gaming laptop of the year.

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This time, the Infinity display is 15.6-inches and it’s a stunning 4K IGZO IPS touch panel. That’s four times the pixels of a Full HD display, with 100 percent Adobe RBG, a wide 170-degree viewing angle and 350 nit brightness. Computing muscle is supplied by a quad-core 6th generation Intel Core i7 6700HQ CPU, with 16GB of RAM. Graphics power comes via a discrete Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M card with 2GB of RAM. A full 1TB of SSD storage means you can bring a library of digital media with you and access files at speeds that leave even a 7200 rpm hard drive in the dust. That’s worth repeating: a full Terabyte SSD! Not only that, but it’s a PCie SSD, which is as fast as these things get. Battery life is rated at an astounding 17 hours means you can leave the charger behind. The XPS 15 includes a full array of ports for expansion and accessories, including Thunderbolt 3.

Despite the incredible specs, thanks to CNC machined aluminum, carbon fibre and Gorilla Glass, the Dell XPS 15 is just 1.68 cm thick (at its maximum) and weighs under 2 kg. 

The XPS 15 is available for pre-order now at Best Buy!

Dell XPS 12 Convertible 

new xps 12.jpgConvertible or 2-in-1 laptops are increasingly popular, and the release of Windows 10—which seamlessly transitions between a desktop PC and tablet user interface—makes them an even more attractive alternative to a traditional laptop.

Dell’s new CES 2016 Innovation award-winning XPS 12 Convertible (now available for pre-order at Best Buy) may just be the new king of the hill, at least when it comes to its display. Under the hood of the XPS 12 is a new 6th generation Intel Core M5 6Y54 CPU with 8MB of RAM. Storage is a speedy and generous 256GB SSD. A full complement of ports is provided, including USB 3.0, HDMI and Thunderbolt 3 and unlike many convertible 2-in-1s, Dell includes the full-sized, backlit keyboard case with a built-in precision touchpad. It’s battery is rated for all-day use (roughly 10 hours) and the whole thing is just 0.79 cm thick, weighing a trim 0.79 kg.

But the star of the show is unquestionably the 12.5-inch display/tablet. This is a multi-touch IGZO IPS panel with 4K resolution (that’s over 8 million pixels), with 400 nit brightness, 100 percent colour gamut, 1500:1 contrast ratio and Gorilla Glass NBT protection. In other words, the Dell XPS 12’s display is big, incredibly sharp, colours will pop and it’s tough. That’s incredible for a laptop and when used as a tablet, it’s in a class of its own. 

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Look for both of these exciting new laptops from Dell at Best Buy soon,

                          and remember, you can pre-order now.

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