The Life Fitness brand of exercise equipment has been helping people keep active either in the gym or in the comfort of their own home for over 45 years. They first started out with the Lifecycle exercise bike and since then they have grown and evolved with all the changes in the fitness industry.

They’ve really modernized the exercise bike and have a large line of cardio and strengthening machines, many including the Go Console.

Lifecycle GX

lifecycleThe Lifecycle has come a long way over the last 45 years and now you have the Lifecycle GX, a biomechanically designed stationary bike that can be adjusted to suit your individual riding style, height, body type and fitness goals.

The construction of the bike is designed for comfort, durability and to last for a long time. The adjustable range of both the seat and handle bars is so large that it can easily be suited for everyone and your feet will stay in place with either the dual sided pedals or pedal clips if you prefer to wear cycling shoes. You can have a nice quiet ride with the multi-ribbed belt and even attach your preferred digital device to track your ride.

Having an indoor exercise bike like the Lifecycle GX or even the Life Fitness RS1 LifeCycle Recumbent Bike if you prefer is a great way to get in a bike ride all year long.

Life Fitness Row

rowRowing machines offer a great low impact workout and with the adjustable resistance of this Life Fitness The Row HX Trainer Rowing Machine you can increase your resistance as your fitness level grows.

Rowers are available in two different kinds, air or water. Air rowers use a fan to create resistance and depending on your row pace the resistance will decrease or increase, and water rowers feature a tank filled with water so as you increase your rowing pace the resistance naturally increases as well. The Row HX is a water rower which offers a smooth natural feel as you row.

The design of this rower is also aesthetically pleasing to look at with a natural wood and tempered steel frame so it won’t look too out of place if it’s a center piece in your home. It also stands less than 7 feet tall if you’d prefer to store it upright in a closet.

Life Fitness Go Console

treadmillLife Fitness has created the Go Console which is available on many of their products. You can check it out on this Life Fitness T3 Treadmill with Go Console. Once you’ve created your user profile the quick start button on this treadmill remembers your preferred setting and will start you off with your walk, run or jog speed. There’s also pre-set workouts to choose from as well as two custom workouts. You can easily hold your smartphone or tablet in the holder to listen to your favourite music, read a book or watch something as you exercise. I find playing my exercise playlist makes my runs go by much faster.

Fall and Winter are always a good time of year to treat yourself to some new exercise equipment. The days seem to be shorter since it gets dark out so early and all the holiday events sometimes make it difficult to get to the gym.

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