Finding the perfect gift could be much easier this year than in the past. Just think, where are we spending the most time? At home. It’s the perfect time to give your loved ones the gift of an elevated home! Smart home technology has come far, and it’s made life all the better for it. With these devices, everyday tasks and chores are made easier, while fun and entertainment is boosted. There are plenty of different ways to make any home a smart home, so you’ve got many gift options in a range of budgets. Let’s run through some of the ways you can let your favourite people enjoy their homes to the fullest. 

Get a smart home base going

Lenovo Smart Clock with the Google AssistantHaving a domain set up in the home is how to get every functional smart home started. A smart speaker or smart display that has Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa built in can act as a home base for any other smart home devices. It can be used for voice control and synchronized to plenty of devices around the house. Consider who you’re shopping for and whether their devices are best paired with Alexa, Google, or Apple Homepod to choose their smart speaker or smart display. All of these assistants can make listening to music, watching TV, and playing games easier to access, and even more fun, while allowing for productivity around the home or for work. 

Ensure the safety and security of your loved ones

Blink Outdoor Wire-Free 1080p IP 2-Camera SystemSafety always comes first, and now homes can come equipped with the latest smart technology to ensure water-tight security. There are security cameras, smart locks, video doorbells, and security alarms all built with smart technology. You can choose one or all of these devices, depending on how safely in-sync you want your loved one’s home to be. Check out more information from the Best Buy Blog on expanding a smart home with smart locks and video doorbells

Make life easier with little smart devices around the home

Nanoleaf Light Panels - Smarter Kit The beauty of the smart home is how functional and easy it makes life. There are so many ways to set up an effective smart home, but one of the most efficient changes can be to the home’s lighting. When you’ve got smart lighting set up, you don’t have to lift a finger to control the lights throughout the home. You can save your friends and family time with smart light switches, and smart plugs too, which can control the power of virtually any device that’s plugged into it. For more smart lighting tips, check out Andy’s latest on the Best Buy Blog.

Stay in the know with smart monitoring  

Google Nest Protect Wi-Fi Smoke & Carbon Monoxide AlarmMonitoring the home’s different elements is vital in making sure everything is running smoothly. Providing your loved ones with a smart thermostat and other smart monitors and sensors, such as air quality and gas monitors, will make their homes even safer to stay in. Ensuring optimal air quality and a well-monitored environment is essential to their health and safety. Smart monitors allow them to check stats from an app, so they can stay in the know even when they’re away.  

Find little ways to make their home smarter and better 

Click and Grow Smart Indoor Garden (SGS1US) with Basil Seed Capsule Refill These aren’t even all your options; there are plenty more to choose from. Whether you’re shopping for someone who’s already got some of their setup laid out, or you’re beginning their smart home journey, you can find an appropriate gift. You can even satisfy their personal taste with products that allow for smart gardening, or keep them organized with smart item tracking devices. No matter who you’re shopping for, there’s a perfect smart home gift waiting for them. 


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