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Leila Pejman is a producer and storyteller whose work encompasses content creation, media, social media, and communications, topped off with a passion for emerging technologies. On the domestic side, she's on a mission to create the best quinoa muffin recipe.

Espresso is an intense and complex beverage that pleases the palates of those who respect the art of coffee. Although it is misunderstood as being a type of coffee bean, it’s actually a method of brewing. Here's how to create the perfect shot of espresso.

February is Heart and Stroke Awareness Month. A healthy heart leads to a healthy body and an abundant and joyous life. I’m in my thirties now, but my maturity level has probably stayed in my early twenties. And because I think I’m 24 and immortal, I tend not to take extra precautions to keep my body consistently healthy. I know I should be more cautious, but at least I am learning to listen to my body more—after all, awareness is key, right?

Say what you want about wearable tech - it’s here to stay! The beauty of wearable tech devices is that it can help monitor your health, fitness goals, calorie intake, etc. Even if you think the data is useless, at least it’s becoming more and more fashionable. Even major fashion brands like Kate Spade and Rebecca Minkoff are entering the space. Impress your girlfriend, mom, sister, or lady friend with a piece of cool wearable tech. The ladies love stylish gadgets!

How did 2016 fly by so fast? Yup, we’ve completed the first week of December. To help you with your holiday planning, here are some great gift ideas under $50 for the tech and sports lover on your list. Don’t procrastinate until a gift card and a Snickers bar from the gas station are your only options.

2016 has been the year for virtual reality. Though it’s been around for a while, only now has it seemed to have found its groove. The headsets are better than ever. The much-buzzed-about VR set, Oculus Rift, finally launched in October, creating a rift between actual and virtual reality. VR isn’t only for gaming or simulating being on a rollercoaster anymore. Here are some other incredible ways it can be used.

For most of us, coffee is a part of our morning ritual; it's more like a prerequisite to start the day, non? I can get a little grumpy if I don’t drink a cup of coffee in the morning. dWith that in mind, here are four popular ways to create a beautiful coffee experience.

WINTER IS COMING. And it’s time to get out the crockpot or slow cooker and prepare cozy meals to protect me from the chills. Here are top slow cooker recipes to warm up the body and soul, as the weather gets colder.

If you have an iPhone and haven’t updated it to iOS10, do so right now! That’s a command. Check out some of the awesome new features and you’ll wonder why you didn’t upgrade sooner.

Pebble 2 Smartwatch serves as a health tracker packaged as a fashionable accessory.

pumpkin spice
Pumpkin spice season is in full force, and I have a few great recipes you can try if you'd like to branch out and go beyond the usual Pumpkin spice latte.

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