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Are you feeling that your home needs a few glam touches for an instant makeover? Here we’ll look at five ways to create a more glamorous atmosphere in your home.

Does your home decor need more gold

home decor gold candlesticksWhen it comes to glam, the first word that comes to mind is gold. It’s a bling colour. Don’t you think? I do. My suggestion is to find elegant gold pieces to sprinkle around your home. I’m in love with this Elegance 5-lite Candelabra 34” in antique gold. That’s right, antique gold. That’s some serious class, circa Victorian-era, to bring to your home. I would place it in the middle of your dining table so that your dinner guests will be nothing less than impressed by your décor skills.

If living in the Victorian era isn’t your jam, then add pillows with gold accents. Check out this feather filled throw from Urban Loft for your couch.

If you prefer to add instant glam to your bathroom, add these gold-plated soap and lotion dispensers. Hands down, it’s so much better to refill these items than keep buying those plastic one-off hand soaps dispenser. Don’t you agree?

Does that chair need some sheepskin?

Sheepskin or (faux) fur can really help to take a dull moment into glam, instantly. For instance, that chair that needs a revamp, just throw on a sheepskin. Not only does it look fresh, it’s also fluffy and super comfortable to sit on. Probably, one of a few times that glam can be comfy. You can also drape sheepskin under (or on) the coffee table to create a modern glamorous atmosphere.


Why adding fresh flowers is always glamorous

Fresh flowers help to change a mood of a space in a positive way. And it’s beautiful. Not to mention, colourful. Studies say that people with bright, fresh flowers in their home are most likely to be less anxious and feel a lot happier. And now you can adorn your flowers in a glamorous vase. You can try this Crystalite Bohemia crystal vase. Or to stick with the gold theme, check out this Elegance Julep cup vase.

Does your lighting need a chandelier

Having a chandelier can really take your home up a couple of notches on the glamour scale. You can look for the ones with an antique style or even crystals. I Check out this Canfloyd ceiling lamp. It’s glamorous in a subtle way. Don’t you concur?



Add shelving that floats on the wall

Another tip to add glamour to your home, it stacking art and fashion books around the living space. You can place it on your coffee table or side table. Another idea is to style your wall with floating shelves. This is so much better than a regular bookshelf because that becomes too bulky. Floating shelves work well to add glam to a home or office space. Your books don’t have to be in fashion or art but ideally a book cover that has some glam and intrigue, of course.

Those are five ways to add more glam into your home. Which tip is your favourite? Comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Leila Pejman is a producer and storyteller whose work encompasses content creation, media, social media, and communications, topped off with a passion for emerging technologies. On the domestic side, she's on a mission to create the best quinoa muffin recipe.


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