wearable tech gifts for herSay what you want about wearable tech – it’s here to stay! The beauty of wearable tech devices is that it can help monitor your health, fitness goals, calorie intake, etc. Even if you think the data is useless, at least it’s becoming more and more fashionable. Even major fashion brands like Kate Spade and Rebecca Minkoff are entering the space. Impress your girlfriend, mom, sister, or lady friend with a piece of cool wearable tech. The ladies love stylish gadgets!

Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2 In-Ear Sound Isolating Bluetooth Headphones with MicLet’s start with a set of cool headsets by Skillcandy called Smokin’ Buds 2 In-Ear Sound Isolating Bluetooth Headphones. Perfect for the gym lover who loves to rock it out with great tunes but gets annoyed with the headphone cords and/or having to hold on to the phone while exercising. This headset includes a removable Flex-Collar so that it’s easy to remove the headsets and it drapes around one’s neck. No need to worry about misplacing them (looking at you Apple AirPod). It also includes a microphone so that they can take your calls while they are on the treadmill.

WonderWoof BowTie Dog Activity Tracker with BluetoothFor the pet lover who loves to dress their puppy in a cute outfit, they’ll love this WonderWoof BowTie Dog Activity Tracker with Bluetooth. This on-collar activity monitor that tracks your dog’s exercise needs based on their breed. This bow tie is adorable and makes sure their dog is healthy. To get really techie, it also offers a feature that connects to a map-based social network so that their pup can find and make new friends.

Fitbit Alta Metal BandIf your girlfriend already has a Fitbit, you can help step up the look with this Fitbit Alta Metal Band. It’s sexy, stylish, and she’ll love it. It camouflages as a beautiful piece of jewellery. Best part, no one will know that it’s tracking her fitness and health. I love this item because it works for a lady’s day look as well as accessories nightly for a fun night out.

Caseco Dual Layered Fur Pom Bluetooth Toque Winter HatBluetooth technology is snuggling up with your favourite toques. Living in Toronto and walking in -5 C weather, music is the only thing that gets me through the journey. But it sucks when the playlist ends and you need to change the song, only because you have to take off your glove, etc. West coasters probably don’t know this struggle. But it’s a struggle. Instead, you can press a button that is located on the Caseco Dual Layered Fur Pom Bluetooth Toque Winter Hat. Well, that was easy, non? The white one is my personal favourite, but there are so many options to choose from.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban Fitness TrackerBellabeats LEAF Fitness tracker isn’t an ordinary monitor. This one is intuitive to a women’s body. Bellabeats monitors activity, sleep quality, stress levels, and menstrual cycle. It manages the stress levels by monitoring one’s breathing and even providing breathing exercises suggestion. This is important for any women trying to balance their professional and personal life – but still be able to handle their day-to-day stresses with grace. Breathing is key, obviously. But most people aren’t aware of the quality of breath. Most people have shallow and short breaths rather than long, deeps ones. It takes a detailed look at one’s daily activities – so it’s the perfect gift for the lady who is very health conscious.


Leila Pejman
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