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My day job is as an Assistant Professor in Media and Communication Studies at the University of the Fraser Valley. My primary teaching and research interests revolve around popular culture and technology. I am an adequate at best guitar player currently attempting to romanticize my inglorious youth in a Hair Metal cover band called "Glam Chowder”. When not working or watching TV, I am usually listening to music, recording music, playing music, or trying to figure out what gear I need to make all of that music sound even better.

I remember when I first picked up a guitar, plucked a few strings, and knew right then and there that this was for me. Simple as that. I also remember the first time I walked into a music store and was absolutely overcome with anxiety because I didn’t really know what was what and felt that awkward and totally...

It's fair to say that there aren't a lot of truly innovative and fresh new products for musicians and creative types. Zoom's ARQ Aero Rhythm Trak changes that with its incredibly unique offering to musicians, DJs, and others with this all-in-one performance and production tool.

If you have a guitar player in your life and aren't sure exactly what to get them for a gift, this blog entry may be able to give you a few ideas and get you headed in the right direction.

If you've ever thought about getting a set of electronic drums, whether to learn drums, practice without annoying those around you, or to augment a home recording setup, it has been a cost prohibitive option for most. Carlsbro's CSD130 is about to change that.

Knowing whether the guitar player on your gift list wants an acoustic guitar to strum like his indie rock faves or an electric guitar to shred like her metal gods will determine how you begin to find the perfect gift. Here are some selections that will help.

The FG800 acoustic guitar is a new offering from Yamaha that features a traditional western body style and in perhaps its greatest feature, has a solid spruce top. Best Buy just sent one to me for this review, so read on to find out why I liked this guitar.

I received a few different Yamaha guitars from Best Buy including the FG800 and FG820. Read all about the FG820 in this article, and watch my video to see hear how it sounds.

Deciding to play guitar is an incredibly exciting time as your daydreams fill with those moments on a stage in front of thousands of adoring fans cheering for you. When it actually comes time to go into a store and buy your first guitar, it can be a daunting experience for the hopeful new guitarist. This blog will help you with some of the things you should consider and should be aware of to make this awesome journey as rewarding as possible.

 If you are in the market for a stereo mixer that won’t colonize a lot of space then the Yamaha MG06X may be what you are looking for. Compact but with incredible power and features, small-scale live performers, DJs, or home studio producers can all benefit from this compact, portable, and well built mixer.

 As more of us either use, or are considering using, our iPads or tablets in a live music or studio setting, you know how precarious it can be to have it be both secure and within easy reach. Well, worry no more because the iKlip Xpand from IK Multimedia is here to alleviate your concerns with an incredibly handy and secure method of mounting your tablet to a mic stand or desktop for use on stage or in the studio.


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