Big news for anyone with a love of virtual reality! The Oculus Go All in One Virtual Reality Headset is coming to Canada. Better yet, it’s coming to Best Buy Canada!

There are 2 different versions of the Oculus Go available for you to choose from—a 32GB version and a 64GB version.

If you’d like to explore the vast world of virtual reality, which does a whole lot more than just let you play video games, the Oculus Go is definitely the way to go! Read on for full details.

Go Virtual with the NEW Oculus Go!

The Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset, which is already a major hit in the United States, is a standalone, mobile VR headset that gives you instant access to a multitude of virtual reality experiences—everything from first person shooter gaming, to immersive virtual worlds, to your favourite Netflix offerings, and so much more.

If you haven’t yet experienced virtual reality for yourself, the Oculus Go is the perfect place to begin your journey. If you’re already something of a virtual reality expert, the Go is a great upgrade from your existing VR system.

Among the many features that you’ll enjoy with the Oculus Go are the ability to watch your favourite movies on a full 180″ screen, the chance to take in great concerts and exciting sporting events from a premium seating perspective, and the joy of hanging out with your friends while playing video games or engaging in other virtual experiences.

And because the Oculus Go features the very latest VR tech, it’s also extremely efficient. In fact, the Go requires far less computing power to operate than previous generations of Oculus VR headsets, such as the popular Oculus Rift.

If you want an advanced virtual reality headset that’s both incredibly fun and seriously powerful, then the Oculus Go is definitely the right choice!


The specs of the Oculus Go are also seriously impressive. With a 90 degree field of vision and 2560 x 1440 resolution, the Go’s next generation lenses provide you with excellent visual clarity while simultaneously reducing the highly distracting “screen-door” effect.

Your immersive experience is further enhanced by the Go’s fully integrated spatial audio speakers, which provide crisp, clear sound through every adventure you partake of.

Moreover, the Oculus Go Headset is extremely easy to use. Setting up your set is as simple as downloading the Oculus App (available for both iOS and Android based devices), turning on the set, and placing it on your head. Bingo!

And, thanks to its sturdy construction (featuring fully breathable materials and injection foam moulding), you’ll always remain comfortable during extended periods of use while enjoying your VR headset.

Let’s now take a quick look at a brief video showing several up close views of the Oculus Go. This footage will give you a better idea of just how lightweight, comfortable, and streamlined the Go is:


Possibly the best news of all that we have for you today is that if you want to pick up either version of the new Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset, both the 32GB and 64GB versions of the set arrive tomorrow (June 26th) at Best Buy.

Of course, if that’s not quickly enough for you, you can always pre-order your desired headset right now. Simply choose your desired model from the listing page and begin the ordering process.

Enjoy your new virtual world!


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