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It’s a dangerous city out there, whether you’re a capable caped crusader or not. Pre-Order Batman: Arkham Knight today and get access to the Waynetech Booster Pack, including upgraded firepower for the Batmobile, and the ability to chain juggle in mid-air.


Pre-Order Bonus available ONLINE AND IN-STORE: Harley Quinn

She hasn’t been around very long in the Batman universe, but Harley Quinn has left an everlasting mark on both readers and Batman himself. Pre-Order Batman: Arkham Knight online or in-store to play the game as Harley Quinn herself!

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In 1939, 23 year old Bob Kane debuted “The Bat-Man” in an attempt for DC Comics to counter the success of Superman. After his debut in Detective Comics #27, the character would evolve over a period of time to the Batman we know and love today. With multiple TV shows (both live action and animated,) movies and countless merchandise to his name, the Batman franchise is stronger than ever.  In video games, two extremely successful franchises exist for two very different audiences.  The Lego Batman series is about to release its third game in November, with around 15 million total units sold between the first two. The Arkham series has been just as successful, with the last game Arkham Origins being one of the highest selling games of 2013.

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That momentum looks to roll onto the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC next June, when Arkham Knight comes out at long last. Batman: Arkham Knight serves as the finale to the famed series and features Batman taking on a comical (no pun intended) list of supervillains.  Led by Scarecrow, Batman must also face Harley Quinn, Two-Face, the Penguin and the Riddler (and all of their various henchmen of course!) in order to save Gotham City.  The most intriguing foe, however, is the Arkham Knight himself. Very little is known about the Knight at this point outside of the fact that he has aligned himself with Batman’s foes wanting nothing less than the caped crusader’s death.


Expect more of what you’ve seen before out of the Arkham series, but with that much more added to it. You no longer have loading screens, for example when you go in and out of buildings. It’s been rumoured that there are as many polygons comprising one character build as the entire landscape for the Arkham Asylum game. Batman will have as much detail as ever, down to cape animations and even blood and rain drip on his suit. It will have the largest urban sprawl in the series as well, capturing a playing field 5 times as large as Arkham City.


The Arkham series has been famous not just for its high quality gameplay, but for the immense amount of detail and care put into the game. I’ve spoken to numerous diehard Batman series fans about the series, and I’ve yet to hear someone mention that they didn’t like one of the games, or the justice being done to their favourite superhero. If you’ll recall, the developers went to the lengths of actually creating a fully detailed Gotham City (down to driving cars) simply for the purpose of nothing but background ambience in Arkham City. This was confirmed through the use of an obscure glitch which allowed gamers to fly around the city and marvel at something that could very well have been just a few background shots.  Crazy, huh?



Perhaps the one feature gamers have really been waiting for is finally here. The Batmobile is available for you to play, and will feature all the fun and weaponry you can expect. Powering up your Batmobile is just one of the special features of the Pre-Order bonus: The Waynetech Booster Pack.  This booster pack will give you access to the following:


Explosive Gel Takedown: You’ll have the ability to set remote traps to keep your enemies at bay from the outside while you get to focus on what’s in front of you

Aerial Juggling: While Batman’s definitely strong enough to take out his opponents through his normal conventional means, the ability to aerial juggle means you can chain your attacks and take them out even faster.

Batarangs while gliding: Turn Batman into a multitasker by being able to throw his Batarangs out at opponents while he glides through the streets.

Batmobile Weapon Upgrade: Take the Batmobile and make it even deadlier by powering up the weapons onboard.


That’s not too bad, and it’s all available to you free of charge (while supplies last) just for Pre-Ordering your copy of the game.


Mark June 2nd, 2015 on your calendar – That’s the day Batman: Arkham Knight comes out.  Pre-Order now to get access to the Waynetech Booster Pack


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