The hit party game franchise WarioWare makes its debut on the Nintendo Switch with WarioWare: Get It Together!. Fun for the whole family, WarioWare: Get It Together is filled with over 200 quick, quirky and lightning fast microgames, which are fun by yourself or with friends and family.

WarioWare: Get It Together! Details

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch
Developer: Nintendo EPD Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Action, Party
Modes: Single player, multiplayer (2-4 players)
ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10+)

Story Mode: “Game Bugs” galore

The story mode of WarioWare: Get It Together! is a rather interesting one. And, no, it’s not filled with bugs and glitches—at least not the ones you are thinking of. You can play the story mode by yourself or, for the first time in the series, with a friend. The game begins at Wario’s software company, WarioWare Inc. Wario and his friends have been making a game and Wario has just put the final touches on it.

Eager to try the finished game, Wario attempts to boot up the game only to find out that his portable video game system won’t turn on. In true Wario fashion, he throws the video game system to the floor. However, before hitting the floor, he and his friends get sucked inside the game!

When Wario and his friends wake up, they discover that the game they have been working on is filled with “Game Bugs”. These bugs cause glitches and corruption in each of the game’s levels. Wario and his friends must rid these “Game Bugs” from each level by completing their respective levels. Each stage in the game begins with a mini cutscene filled with amusing dialogue and slapstick comedy. They introduce Wario’s friend who made the level and give you a bit of a backstory to the character.

Overall WarioWare: Get It Together’s story mode can be completed in just a few hours. And, honestly, this is the perfect amount of time to enjoy the narrative without the story dragging on or the gameplay becoming repetitive. If you’re worried that this seems too short, there is plenty to enjoy once the story is complete. I’ll have more on that shortly.

Microgame mayhem

Each individual challenge in WarioWare: Get It Together lasts just a few short seconds—hence the term “microgames”. There are over 200 microgames, which come at you in consecutive bursts with increasingly less time in between. Each completed microgame nets you a point, with failed attempts costing you a life. Microgames range from plugging a nose, to unwrapping a present, to spinning a windmill.

Each level in WarioWare allows you to not only play as Wario but play as your friends as well. Depending on the level, you choose anywhere from one to five crew members. As a result, for each microgame you are given a random character from the ones you have selected to complete the game.

Better yet, each character has their own unique playstyle. Character abilities range from jumping sisters who throw shuriken to a guy who can throw himself in various different directions around the screen. This is only but a few of the 20 characters that you can play as in the game.

Plenty of post story mode activities


Play-o-pedia is accessed from the main menu and allows you to replay all the microgames you’ve unlocked in rapid-fire fashion. Additionally, it will give you information on the microgame and hints where to go to find new ones. When you choose your character, the game tells you how well suited they are for the specific microgame based on the character’s abilities.

Next, you repeatedly play the same microgame to see how fast and how difficult the game can get before you run out of lives. Honestly, I found this as a great way to practice and master the microgames I had problems with.

Wario Cup

Wario Cup allows you to play the microgames competitively. Your goal is to get the highest score possible, you’ll then upload your highest score to a leaderboard via a ranked mode. The leaderboard allows you to compare your score globally or against friends. A great way to compete with friends due to the lack of online play in the game.


The Crew mode allows you to see and interact with all 20 characters included in the game. Particularly useful is the ability to practice courses with each of the characters to better learn their movements and abilities. Moreover, you can customize your favourites with cosmetic colours.

Additionally, Crew allows you to give presents, which you buy using Wario Coins that are earned in the game, to characters. If you give the right character a present they like, they can become more powerful.

Variety Pack

Variety Pack contains 10 party games for one to four players. Only a few of the games in Variety Pack can be played alone. The majority of these 10 games require at least 2 players. This is a great party mode for when you are playing with family and friends.

One of my favourite games in this mode is called Puck‘er Up. Essentially it’s air hockey with a twist. If you manage to score a goal using your character’s abilities and moves, you then get transported into a microgame. That’s not all! Furthermore, the other players, playing along with you, can attack the smaller screen you’re on by shaking, rotating, or squishing it.


WarioWare: Get It Together! features Missions, making their return from WarioWare Gold. In this mode you are given a list of various objectives to complete in the game to earn coins. Accordingly, Missions are categorized by colour and separated into four tabs: General, Score, Game, and Crew Member.

The mission colours corresponding to the colours of the modes in the game: blue missions are related to the Story mode, green missions are related to the Play-o-pedia and specific microgames, purple missions are related to Variety Pack, orange missions are related to Wario Cup, and cyan missions are related to Crew mode.

WarioWare: Get It Together is fun for the whole family and a great party game

When it comes to party games, the WarioWare franchise has been among my favourites. WarioWare: Get It Together! brings all the fun quirky and wackness that I’ve loved about the franchise over the years to the Nintendo Switch and doesn’t disappoint.

I was particularly surprised at how much I enjoyed the story mode in the game. While it only takes a few hours at most to complete, it felt like the perfect length. However, as fun as it is playing with family and friends locally, I would have loved to see an online mode in this game. Moreover, there is plenty to see and do after you have finished the story mode that makes WarioWare: Get It Together one of the must have party games on Nintendo Switch.

+ Addicting quick bursts of gameplay
+ An amusing story that doesn’t out-stay its welcome
+ More than 200 microgames
+ 20 characters to play as with different playstyles

– Lack of online play


Gameplay: 4/5
Graphics: 3/5
Sound: 3/5
Lasting Appeal/Replayability: 5/5

Overall Rating 3.8/5 (76%)

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