Today at a special press conference in New York, Sony announced a slimmer and lighter PlayStation 4 system, and finally pulled the curtain back on their powerful new PlayStation 4 Pro. Earlier in the year, Sony acknowledged that an improved PS4 console was coming, and now we know what it will feature: support for 4K quality images and high-dynamic-range technology. Games on PS4 Pro will look richer and more detailed for the best game experience possible. The great news? Both of these PS4 consoles are expected to arrive before the holidays!

PS4PlayStation 4 (2000 series) – Available September 2016

Just like we saw in the previous generation of consoles, the PlayStation 4 will soon be available in a lighter, slimmer form factor. This new PS4 system is expected to arrive on September 15th, 2016—yep, next week!

Compared to the original PS4 models (1000 and 1200 series), the latest PS4 (2000 series):

  • Is 30% smaller
  • Is 25% lighter than first PS4 model (1000 series) and 16% lighter than the current model (1200 series)
  • Uses up to 34% less energy than the 1000 series model, and up to 28% less than the 1200 series model

The new PS4 system will come with a 500GB HDD, the same size as the original. The form factor will retain the sleek, stylish slanted body design, only now the corners have been trimmed and curved to give it a softer aesthetic. Furthermore, the original two-tone design on the top of the PS4 has now been replaced with a matte finish with a glossy PS logo in the centre. While the specs for the new PS4 are nearly identical to the original model, it does feature improved Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and two faster USB 3.1 ports.

All PS4 models, including the new slimmer model (and PS4 Pro) will support HDMI video output with high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging technology for improved visual clarity, colour, and luminance. For existing PS4 owners, an upcoming software update will add HDR support. Not only will certain future PS4 games support HDR, like Days Gone, but Sony is planning on releasing patches for previously released titles, like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and InFamous: Second Son, that will introduce HDR support.

PS4_2PlayStation 4 Pro – Available November 2016

Original known as the PS4 Neo, Sony’s more powerful, 4K-ready console is officially called PlayStation 4 Pro. Targeted at hardcore gamers or those who have invested in the latest TV display technology, PS4 Pro will deliver enhanced experiences through its improved image processing and support for 4K quality images. Sony’s mid-generation hardware upgrade is expected to release on November 10, 2016; that’s just over two months from today.

Here are the main features of PS4 Pro:

  • Increased CPU and GPU power (almost twice as powerful as original PS4)
  • 4K TV owners will be able to enjoy all PS4 titles in higher quality, such as 4K quality resolution and faster or more stable frame rates
  • HDTV owners will benefit from 1080p resolution for all PS4 games, and higher or more stable frame rates for some supported titles
  • Supports 4K streaming for services like Netflix and YouTube
  • Supports high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging technology for greater visual clarity, colour, and luminance
  • 3 USB 3.1 ports (one more than the original PS4)
  • 1TB Hard Drive

In the conference, President and Global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Andrew House said that all current and future PS4 games will run on all models—the original PS4, the new slimmer PS4, and PS4 Pro. The PS4 community will remain unified no matter which version of PS4 they’re playing on.

Many highly anticipated upcoming games have been built to immediately take advantage of the extra processing power of PS4 Pro, including titles like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Spider-Man, Mass Effect Andromeda, Watch Dogs 2, For Honor, and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

PlayStation_VR_1From a form factor perspective, the PS4 Pro also retains the slanted design, but adds a third layer to accommodate the more powerful hardware inside.

Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR will also benefit from the increase horsepower of PS4 Pro, with games having many potential improvements such as an increase the crispness of VR scenes, richer special effects, or higher framerates that will make your VR experiences even more immersive. Having just played many new PS VR titles this past weekend at Fan Expo Canada, I’m very excited about the potential for even better VR experiences on PS4 Pro.

What are your reactions to these new PS4 hardware announcements? Discuss with us on the blog!

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