An image with a black background and the text PC GAMER PRESENTS 10TH ANNIVERSARY PC GAMING SHOW.

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary, the PC Gaming Show presented over 60 PC games and debuted plenty of new titles. Hosts Sean “Day9” Plott, Mica Burton, and Frankie Ward rolled out the red carpet and took us through a dapper gala of games, reveals, and updates. We even saw creators from two Canadian studios based in Toronto and Montreal make a splash with innovative titles, All Systems Dance and Streets of Fortuna. I’ll cover all this and more in my rundown of the show’s biggest highlights. Let’s dive into all the PC Gaming Show had to offer this year.

A shepard stands next to a sheep and two alien creates with the text above that reads, Among The Wild.

Among the Wild

Release date: Currently in early access on Steam

This adorable first-person farming game started the show with its cute, fantastical world. It’s up to you to catch creatures, build, and manage your farm and set out and explore all corners of this strange, beautiful universe. In the trailer, we saw players tending to crops, placing pumpkins in fermenting barrels to feed their tiny companions and exploring the open world. 

A colourful asteroid in the background with two bird in space suits floating in the foreground with the text in bold that says, "STAR BIRDS"


Release date: Coming 2025

This cartoony resource management production game is about birds in space. Your mission is to help them thrive. You’ll explore and mine countless colourful asteroids to better establish and expand their colony. The game is being developed by Toukana Interactive, known for creating “Dorfromantik,” a strategy puzzle game where you build out villages. This intergalactic adventure aims to harness that expertise in a charming sci-fi space setting. 

A monk in a brown robe stands in the foreground with a building in the background with the game title, "Ale Abbey in Beer we Trust"

Ale Abbey

Release date: Late 2024

Get ready to become a brewmaster in Ale Abbey. The developer, Hammer & Ravens, describes the game as “a beer-brewing monastery tycoon.” In the sim game, it’s up to you to help a medieval monastery turn an honest profit by mastering the art of brewing beer. The game simplifies real-world brewing processes and ingredients while combining them with fun-looking gameplay mechanics. Cheers, bottoms up! 

A group of six figures is surround by shadowy figure with the text "Sumerian Six" above them.

Sumerian Six

Release date: 2024 – Demo available now

Sumerian Six is a real-time tactical stealth game set in WWII where you will guide a group of elite scientists against supernatural Nazi forces. In this alternate history timeline, you partake in covert operations, where you must outsmart the Nazis, unravel ancient secrets, and utilize cutting-edge technology to alter the course of history. Each member of your team has unique powers, like the Mentalist, who can distract guards; the Chemist, who can use poison grenades; and Wojtek, who can transform into a bear for an extra bit of brute force. In the trailer we saw some of these abilities being chained together to unleash devastating attacks on enemies.

A yellow background with a pink figure with two robots next to her that reads "All Systems Dance"

All systems dance 

Release date: TBD

What if you could stop a corporate robot invasion with dance moves? Toronto-based developer Mighty Yell looks to answer that question with their game All Systems Dance. It’s an expressive adventure that addresses issues like automation and body dysmorphia. The game is designed to be inclusive, removing barriers to play. With its heartfelt storytelling and unique premise, it’s set to be a fun and accessible experience. Get ready to bust a move!

Three tactical SWAT members with heavy weapons approach a cabin door that is open with red light spilling out.

Phantom Line

Release date: TBD 

Phantom Line is a horror co-op shooter where you are tasked with investigating spooky “anomalies.” The hyper-realistic SWAT-based action sees you and a tactical team dropped into a post-nuclear European continent with unknown enemies. In the trailer, a character moves from a battlefield through a portal into a creepy-looking theatre with a jump scare at the end. It looks to be a hair-raising experience with plenty of action and scares.

Copy city video game

Copa City

Release date: Coming 2025

This football sim combines elements of football management with city-building. You are put into the role of “match organizer,” managing stadium logistics, fan foot traffic, and the excitement of game day. The game aims to simulate the experience of running a major football event in a bustling city, ensuring that matches between top teams like Bayern Munich and Arsenal are executed flawlessly.

Streets of Fortuna

Streets of Fortuna

Release date: TBD

This sandbox RPG is a homegrown game by Kitfox Games, based in Montreal, Quebec. It offers a rich, free-roaming experience set in a procedurally generated city inspired by Constantinople around 500 AD. The game pulls you into a world where your choices shape your destiny. You start off as a peasant on the streets, but depending on how you interact with characters and your choices, you can earn much larger roles. Your decisions can influence the political landscape of Fortuna, leading to multiple endings and replayability.

Screenbound video game announced at PC Gaming Show 2024


Release date: 2025

We got another look at Screenbound during the PC Game Show, and this innovative platformer is one to keep an eye on. The game combines 2D and 3D gameplay as you control a character who is also playing a game on their handheld device, the Quantum Boy (Qboy). While you play the 2D game on your handheld, your in-game character also moves around in 3D following the same movements. Combining all these elements has created a “5D” platformer. Developers Crescent Moon Games and Those Dang Games aim to immerse players in a world that combines elements of nostalgia with modern puzzle solving. Overall, it’s a very creative concept that has me excited to go hands-on when it launches next year.

Worship video game


Release date: Coming Soon wish list on Steam

The first thing that stood out to me about Worship is its striking art style. It’s a dark and sinister-looking title in which you aim to grow your cult and bring about the end of the world. The multiplayer roguelite focuses on player actions and their consequences within the black-and-white world of Worship. If you enjoy cooperative games with a twist of dark humour and strategy, Worship should be on your list of “must-play” games.

Gunboat God video game announced at PC Gaming Show 2024

Gunboat God

Release date: Wishlist on Steam for early 2026

Get ready for a seafaring shoot ‘em up with Gunboat God. In the game, you control a boat that can dive, sail, and fly while taking out scores of baddies with a high-powered arsenal. The gameplay looks fast and frantic, with boss showdowns that are larger than life. Many of the characters and enemies appear as 2D black silhouettes with explosions and other effects lighting up the screen. The adrenaline-fueled experience looks like it will be exciting when it arrives on PC in 2026.

That’s a wrap on the PC Gaming Show 2024

The PC Gaming Show celebrated its 10-year legacy while also showcasing a bright future for PC gaming. The showcase was packed with wall-to-wall announcements, innovation, and excitement. From charming games like Among the Wild to the more sinister side with Worship, each reveal offered a look into how diverse the landscape of PC gaming is. What was your favourite game of the show? Let me know in the comments below!

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