Intellivision’s family focused entertainment console the Amico and additional controllers are now available at Best Buy Canada for pre-order. Last August, Intellivision CEO/President and video game industry veteran, Tommy Tallarico pulled the curtain back on Amico with product announcements, gameplay footage, partnership reveals and a targeted release date of 10-10-2020.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic causing shipping delays and product shortages. As a result, the release date had to be pushed back. However, Tommy and the team at Intellivision are aiming for a Q1 2022 release. If you’re not familiar with Amico, let me tell you a little bit about it.

Pre-order Intellivision Amico
Pre-order additional Intellivision Amico controllers

Intellivision Amico – family focused entertainment

Intellivision isn’t trying to compete with the likes of PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo. In fact, Intellivision is expanding the fun past the hardcore gamer and looking to bring in those people in who might not be that familiar with modern day gaming.

Truly, its games are those that you can play alongside your kids, parents, and even grandparents. Unquestionably, Amico is for people that wouldn’t necessarily buy a console and for people who wouldn’t necessarily consider themselves a gamer.

The Amico will have a wide variety of games and genres that are appropriate for everyone. You won’t find any games with graphic violence and no bad language. Additionally, here is a list of the types of games you can expect to see on Amico:

  • Retro re-imagined
  • Original new games
  • Sports and recreation
  • Casual board/dice/card
  • Kids & Edutainment

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Physical game packaging and contents revealed

Leading up to the anticipated Amico launch in Q1 2022, Intellivision CEO Tommy Tallarico has revealed the names of the first physical boxed Amico games and details of their contents. Each game includes a unique 3-D lenticular card, a unique collectible coin for each game and an RFID card that allows a digital download of the game once the title releases on the Game Shop.

What I particularly like about these physical games is that they are NFTs and part of a blockchain. This means that games are transferable and can be sold, traded or lent to friends. Simply tap the game card to your console and the game will download and be associated with your console. For example, if you want to sell, trade or lend a game you simply tap again to un-associate it with your Amcio and your are set.

Want to learn more about Amico physical boxed games? Recently, I talked with Intellivision CEO Tommy Tallarico about physical boxed games and what comes inside. You can watch the entire 45 minute video here.

8 boxed physical games announced

A total of 8 boxed physical games have been announced. They include a wide variety of genres and there is a game for everyone.

  • Evel Knievel – Dare to attempt impossible feats! Unlock multiple vehicles & outfits or jump Snake Canyon with friends!
  • Dynablaster – Have a blast setting devious traps and clever ambushes for your friends and family, or test your skills against AI opponents.
  • Missile Command – Protect your cities from ever-mounting barrages in this frantic new take on one of the all-time classics.
  • Rigid Force Redux Enhanced – Take the captain’s chair and ready your reflexes for this fast-paced, bullet-dodging shoot-’em-up.
  • Moon Patrol – Drive an armed-and-agile space rover through the wild wastes of a far-future solar system in this reimagined arcade classic.
  • Finnigan Fox – Take up your magic crossbow and master the changing seasons in this forest adventure of platforms, puzzles, and plunder.
  • Biplanes – Take to the skies and ace multiple modes in the fun-filled action air combat game based on a classic Intellivision favorite.
  • Brain Duel – Test—and expand!—the limits of your grey matter with this tailored set of brain fitness tasks and tools.

Pre-order your Intellivision Amico today at Best Buy Canada

Amico is aiming to launch in Q1 2022. You can pre-order Amico and extra controllers now. As a result of the pandemic, quantities of the console and extra controllers are expected to be limited. Without doubt, it is best to get your pre-orders in early, before they sell out.

Stay tuned to the Best Buy Blog for the latest news about Intellivision Amico. You can expect a full review of the family friendly console when it launches.

Pre-order Intellivision Amico
Pre-order additional Intellivision Amico controllers

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