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We often describe video games as the ultimate form of escapism. The combination of storytelling and player agency in gaming creates a powerful sense of immersion. An amazing gaming environment can take this feeling to the next level, which is why today we will be taking a look at how to create the perfect gaming space. You can find all of the products I’ll be discussing below, like video games and consoles, PC Gaming, gaming chairs, and more at Best Buy.

What type of gamer are you?

When choosing the initial setup for a perfect gaming space, the first thing to consider is what type of gamer you are. Are you looking to focus primarily on PC gaming, or do you prefer consoles? Maybe you’re actually looking for a hybrid setup that suits both.

With its recent surge in popularity, you may also want to consider a setup that allows for ideal VR performance. Or perhaps you are an up-and-coming streamer or content creator. Each of these has its own specific ideal requirements for an optimal setup. Let’s take a closer look at each potential gaming focus.

perfect gaming space
My console gaming space

Console gaming space

When it comes to gaming spaces, I like to think there are two types of gamers—the “laid-back” type, and the “edge-of-your-seat” type. While it’s possible to be either type depending on mood, I find that most console gamers tend to lean toward the former. As such, a great console gaming space should be designed to let players kick back and relax.


This usually means a nice flat screen TV display with good proportions to suit the size of the room. Having the TV wall-mounted increases the available space in your gaming room and also provides a pleasing aesthetic. You may also want to consider the number of HDMI ports available, as console gamers often aren’t limited to a single device.

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Depending on the size of your console gaming space, furniture could range anywhere from a single gaming chair or recliner to a large sofa or even a row of theatre-style seating. What’s important is finding the right type of seating to really get comfortable during your gaming time. Larger seating arrangements will make it easier to enjoy games with friends and family, and are even more ideal if you will be using the space for movie and television viewing as well.

There are also a large variety of gaming chairs available to suit your console gaming space. Some offer features like built-in audio to streamline your gaming experience. You can even find gaming chairs made to work in conjunction with a steering wheel and pedals for the ultimate racing experience!

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Home theatre audio

You may also want to consider a home theatre system. While gamers often use headsets when playing, a great home theatre can also provide a truly engaging and immersive experience. Again, this type of setup would also greatly benefit those whose gaming spaces are aimed to entertain multiple people, and those that also serve as a haven for watching movies and TV.

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perfect gaming space
My PC gaming space

PC gaming space

Conversely, PC gaming generally requires a more “edge-of-your-seat” arrangement. By that I simply mean that instead of a relaxed seating style, a great PC gaming space is usually built around a traditional desk setup. PC gaming typically involves closer engagement with a monitor and keyboard/mouse setup.


There are a number of PC desks on the market specifically tailored to gamers, offering plenty of working space and ergonomics that meet gaming needs in addition to affording for proper posture. Similarly, gaming chairs are also designed with players in mind, offering sleek designs to match your gaming decor in addition to long-term comfort.

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PC gamers will also want to consider a great monitor (or multiple monitors) to serve as their display. Options that are ideal for gaming spaces include those with wide-screen displays, low response time, and of course 4K and even 8K resolution for optimal graphics.

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PC gaming spaces also double as an ideal setup for streamers and content creators. Of course there will be additional considerations to be made, such as a high quality webcam and microphone setup. Creators also often want to ensure their gaming space has proper lighting, an aesthetically pleasing background, or even a green screen.

Hybrid PC and console gaming space

If you just can’t live without both PC and console gaming in one place at your fingertips, there are a few options. You could choose to go with the “laid-back” theatre style approach, and either hook your PC up to your television via HDMI, or send your PC audio/video to your big screen using a streaming device. The downside may be that the latter requires a robust network, while either option makes mouse and keyboard gaming difficult if your space features a couch or recliner.

Alternatively, it’s always possible to incorporate a gaming console into your PC desk/monitor setup. In this case a PC monitor with multiple HDMI inputs is desirable. On the plus side this can be a wonderful configuration for streamers and content creators. Particularly those who work in both PC and console realms.

perfect gaming space
My virtual reality gaming space

Virtual reality gaming space

Whether you are running a virtual reality rig through your gaming console or PC, there are additional considerations when setting up a gaming space that is VR ready. VR devices typically require a certain amount of open floor space to operate, so you’ll want to ensure that your room is both big enough and offers enough open space to accommodate these requirements. Large furniture for example may make it difficult to operate a VR setup.

Some VR setups also require the installation of additional sensors. These typically have their own height and spacing requirements. You’ll want to plot out your floor plan accordingly.

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perfect gaming space

Gaming space accessories

Once your gaming space is configured, you’ll want to deck it out with all the best accessories. This can really elevate your gaming experience. For PC gamers in particular, nearly every staple PC accessory has a model that gears itself specifically towards gaming.

Keyboard and mouse

For example, gaming keyboards and mouse devices often features additional keys for programmable macros. They typically also feature backlit keys that offer both function as well as aesthetic appeal. They even often boast a higher level of precision and functionality to better suit the competitive nature of gaming.

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Gaming headsets

Gaming headsets are another key accessory for most gaming space setups. On top of providing exceptional sound quality at much lower than the price of a high-end home theatre, they also allow for in-game chat and party functions. Not to mention they provide privacy for users as well as peace of mind for those in proximity to a potentially noisy gaming space.

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to take a closer look at a number of great gaming headsets. You can find my thoughts on many of them on the Best Buy blog, such as the Logitech G635 gaming headset, or this entire line of Sennheiser gaming headsets.

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Other staple accessories to consider include a console camera peripheral or PC webcam, charging stations or battery packs, extra controllers, and wireless routers or network switches, just to name a few.

perfect gaming space

Gaming space decor

Now that you have an ideal gaming space with all the bells and whistles for an immersive experience, it’s time to finish it off with a bit of your own style. Decking out your space with a few extra flourishes will give it a personal touch. A personalized gaming space can let others know just what kind of gamer you are.


Adding a bit of ambient lighting can really set the mood for immersive gaming. Colourful LED lighting can add a pleasant aesthetic to your gaming environment without excessive brightness. It also compliments most gaming accessories on the market, which also predominantly feature colourful LED lights and patterns.

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Collectibles and memorabilia

You may also consider adorning the walls with typical recreation room fixtures. There are plenty of options for showing your fandom in the form of hanging prints, neon signs, props, and more. You may even consider a display shelf for your growing Amiibo collection, or other statues and collectible figures.

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Regardless of how you choose to setup your perfect gaming space, there are a wealth of great products to choose from. From consoles to gaming PC’s, theatre seats to computer desks, amazing TV’s to the latest monitors, and LED lighting to gaming collectables, Best Buy has it all!

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