Logitech G635 gaming headset

These days a gaming headset does not need to be a concessional alternative to full theatre sound. There are many high-end sets on the market with exceptional sound that rivals or even exceeds the average home audio setup. Today we’ll be taking a look at one such option, the Logitech G635 gaming headset.

Beyond 7.1 channel surround sound

A premier audio experience is the benchmark one expects from any high-end gaming headset. The Logitech G635 gaming headset tackles this lofty goal well, beginning with its DTS Headphone:X 2.0 compatibility.

DTS Headphone:X 2.0 claims to offer even more precision and accurate spatial awareness than traditional 7.1 channel surround sound. It renders a 3D soundscape that heightens positional realization that adds the realism necessary for a true competitive edge.

This was certainly true in my experience testing the Logitech G635 gaming headset with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Having the advantage of accurate 3D spatial sound design makes it easier not only to hear enemy footsteps, but to feel more aware of which direction they are approaching from on a 3D plane. Logitech dubs this technology “Anti-Assassin Audio”, and the term could not be more apt.

Flexible microphone

The headset also features a 6mm microphone with a flexible and extendable tip for clear and concise chat audio. The arm of the microphone moves 90 degrees and hides nicely in the left ear cup when not in use. Putting it in the upright position also automatically mutes the mic.

Multiplatform or PC only?

Logitech G635 gaming headset

There is one caveat to this technology that should be mentioned before going any further—and unfortunately, it will be a recurring one. Although the Logitech G635 gaming headset claims to be a multi-platform headset, most of its biggest features are only compatible with PC gaming. DTS Headphone:X 2.0 is just the first of many such features.

Taking advantage of the Logitech G635 gaming headset’s DTS Headphone:X 2.0 technology requires activation of “Logitech Gaming Software (LGS)” for compatible Logitech G audio gear. Naturally, this software is available on PC only. Therefore, players will not receive the same benefit when gaming in other environments, such as the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One consoles.

Pro-G Drivers

Logitech G635 gaming headset

One feature of the Logitech G635 gaming headset that does not put up a barrier between platforms is its Pro-G audio drivers. Upgrading from standard 50mm audio drivers, Logitech’s Pro-G engineering produces clear cinematic sound even in the face of extreme highs and lows.

While testing the Logitech G635 gaming headset with Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, I found the performance to be powerful indeed. Footsteps and other high-pitch sounds were clear and crisp while booming explosions were full and rich—all with minimal distortion. The flexible hybrid mesh material engineered for this purpose certainly does the job.

Furthermore, the ear cups themselves (along with the headband) are extremely comfortable. The soft foam and nylon mesh padding is soft and stays cool over long sessions. I could wear this headset all day.

USB vs. 3.5mm headphone connection

Logitech G635 gaming headset

The Logitech G635 gaming headset has two ways of connecting to devices, both wired. One is via USB, while the other is with a 3.5mm headphone jack (passive mode). You can even use both connections simultaneously to mix audio from two separate sources.

I tested this by playing a game on PC (using the USB input) while also listening to Spotify on my iPhone X (3.5mm), and the results were great. Technically this wasn’t such a necessary feature as I could just as easily run Spotify directly on my PC though. There may be other circumstances where this two source approach comes in handy.

Nevertheless, it’s between the USB vs. 3.5mm connection that the greatest disparities between platforms come into play. The Logitech G635 gaming headset claims to be compatible across all the major gaming platforms—but in truth, the level of functionality from one to the next is far from equal.

Breaking down the performance by platform


Logitech G635 gaming headset

As previously mentioned, the Logitech G635 gaming headset is fully compatible with PC. It can connect via either USB or 3.5mm jack, but you’ll want to use the former. Only a USB connection will give access to DTS Headphone:X 2.0 functionality and the Logitech G Hub software.

A USB connection on PC also enables the volume wheel on the headset, as well as the buttons that toggle stereo vs. surround sound, mic muting, and the G1 and G3 buttons for custom lighting patterns programmed through the Logitech G Hub software. The gaming headset has a strip of LED lighting along the backside of each ear cup. The lights are fully programmable, and capable of producing over 16.8 million hues.

PlayStation 4

The Logitech G635 gaming headset can connect to the PlayStation 4 again either by USB or headphone jack. However, it is extremely important to note that when connecting through the 3.5mm jack, the headset volume knob does not function (nor do its default LED lights). When connected this way, the only means by which to control volume is through the console or game menu.

Players can get around this by connecting via USB, however, this requires the headset to be plugged into the console directly as opposed to the DualShock 4 controller. The USB cable that comes with the headset is certainly lengthy (about 8 feet), but even this may not be long enough for some entertainment rooms. Not to mention that even when possible, this is a much more cumbersome tether to have to make.

Xbox One

Logitech G635 gaming headset

The Xbox One suffers even more limitations. The Logitech G635 gaming headset is only compatible with Xbox One via 3.5mm (passive) connection. That means no headset volume wheel or lighting functionality whatsoever. It is worth noting however that Xbox One does allow for users to enable virtual spatial surround sound via the Windows Sonic for Headphones feature in the Xbox One system menu.

Nintendo Switch

The Logitech G635 gaming headset is compatible with Nintendo Switch in both USB and 3.5mm (passive) mode. Again though note that a USB connection (and subsequent headset features) are predicated on a wired connection to the Switch dock itself. Connecting via the 3.5mm jack in handheld mode and giving up volume wheel control is slightly less of a hassle on Switch though, as players have volume control conveniently at their fingertips on the console itself.

Great comfort and great sound from Logitech G635

The Logitech G635 gaming headset has incredible sound—especially on PC when taking advantage of its DTS Headphone:X 2.0 compatibility. That said, the Pro G headphone technology still delivers a great performance on consoles and phones/tablets as well. It’s also an extremely comfortable headset that can be worn for extended periods without issue.

I do have a slight problem considering the Logitech G635 gaming headset as a true multi-platform headset though. The fact that it relies on a USB connection directly to a console (and which is not even compatible with Xbox One) for some basic functions is not ideal. In particular, it’s borderline baffling to me that the volume control knob on the headset is simply not functional outside of a USB connection.

I would absolutely recommend the Logitech G635 gaming headset as a premium gaming headset for the PC, but conversely, warn console players of its diminished functionality on those platforms.

Dave Neufeld
Dave is an avid gamer, a musician/songwriter/recording artist, and an ardent reader with a degree in the Classics but a love for comics too. When he's not gigging with the band or pulling books at his local comic shop, he can usually be found gaming on any platform, from consoles to PC to his self-built personal arcade cabinet.