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Four years after its Japanese release on the PSP, this ‘more mature’ installment in the Final Fantasy series is making the jump to the new generation of Hardware. Arriving in the new year, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD brings the struggles of Class Zero, magically gifted students, to North American fans of the FF franchise for the first time. Pre-order Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for exclusive early access to Final Fantasy XV. Pre-order for either the PS4 or Xbox One to get your hands on the FFXV playable Demo.

Release Date: March 17, 2015

Consoles: Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Rating: T

The video game re-release, it’s become a very popular thing. It’s an excellent way to re-experience games and there can be no arguing that there are some games that transcend the age they were released in, just not so much graphically. The original Final Fantasy Type – 0 was released not so long ago, 2011, but for the PSP (remember that?) so, yes, it could use an upgrade, but Type-0 is a special sort of release, and for more than just one reason.


Remember the PSP? You’ll be forgiven if you say no, it was the thing before the PS Vita (you’ll be forgiven for not knowing that one too) and made just about zero impact, unless you live in Japan. In Japan, the PSP was, as it’s successor the Vita is, huge. There is an entire culture built around portable devices and playing locally, games like Monster Hunter are built almost solely with this in mind. This isn’t the only factor, but, this and others means that there are games released over there that we can’t get over here. For North American fans of these franchises, or of Japanese games in particular (and there’s a lot of us) this can be incredibly frustrating. Final Fantasy Type-0 was one of these. Final Fantasy is a franchise whose fan’s are legion, and all of who consider North America home have gone without, but no longer. Releasing for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, FF Type-0 HD has jumped not only countries, but consoles, receiving the ‘visual uprez’ treatment in the process. Let’s be clear, it’s not going to look as good for a game built ground up for the console, but it’s still a pleasure to look at.


Players have a choice of fourteen playable characters, the members of Class Zero, cadets at a Magic Academy, and this is no Hogwarts, we won’t be using ‘wands’ here. Each character wields a unique play style and weapon set. Three of the fourteen are active at anytime, and each character will feel very different, having unique strengths and weaknesses. Not quite the ‘stand around and wait’ turn based combat we’ve come to expect from the FF series, FF Type-0 HD combat system plays much more like an action title. Switch on the fly to engage and use your three heroes to manage your enemies, the AI taking over combat when you hop from on to another. Game play promises to be frantic, with a fair amount of challenge. Long standing ‘awesome’ element of gameplay ‘summons’ return. The character summoning is replaced by a powerful boss style character that are always awesome (this is my very favorite part of the FF series).

A title that FF fans have wanted for awhile, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is making the jump from Japan to North America and to the Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.  It’s a rare game that get’s to do that, it’s special treatment, and it comes with a treat. Available in March next year, pre-order and receive access to the playable demo of Final Fantasy XV. 

Remember to pre-order Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for exclusive early access to Final Fantasy XV

Link to Pre-order for the Xbox One,

Link to Pre-order for the PlayStation 4

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