From the original track and field arcade game back in the days, Konami has been into sports games for decades. This year, I was able to play a quick match in Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and some of Hyper Sports R fun arcade minigames.

Hyper Sports R

What’s cool with going to E3 is getting an early look at games way before release. Announced just this week, Hyper Sports R is still at an early stage of development and yet, I’ve been privileged to play three of the minigames the game will offer.

Hyper Sports R is a Nintendo Switch exclusive game where player compete in sports such as track & field, swimming and beach volleyball. Other activities are yet to be announced, and a solo campaign will follow player through all of it. The game support the traditional controller and the motion mechanic of the Joy-Con.

Of the three track & field activities I played, the 100m race had both options. Moving my arms in a running motion was more effective than pressing buttons at the right pace. Javelin throw, and long jump require speed and precision. Button controls are quite simple, so anyone can pick it up and play. Hyper Sports R support online multiplayer, and up to four players locally. Let the best one win!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

PES is Konami’s annual soccer game. This year, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 offers football fans a special treat. David Beckham will be playable. Buying the dedicated David Beckham edition adds the star into myClub section. A realistic full body scan of the soccer player shows what he looks like now. Signature moves from legend players is something soccer fans will appreciate.

PES 2019 has ten further legends to come, new partnership, and ambassadors. Featuring the largest tournaments in the world, there is a lot to chose from. The International Champions Cup is part of the pre-season, and this year’s edition introduce Russian Premier Liga, exclusive to Pro Evolution Soccer 2019.

Gameplay features an enhanced first touch impact, better control over the ball, dribbling animation fluidity and new shooting mechanics. Visible fatigue has impact on gameplay. Run too hard, and you’ll need a quick stop to rest. Players can then decide who to send to the pitch next.

I had time to play PES Legends 1995 exhibition match. 3d scanned stadiums look familiar to the real ones. The option let us choose the time season & weather, length of grass and field condition. I went with winter, on a rainy day. Although the gameplay feels the same as last year, attention to details is on point.

PES 2019 is a current generation game only, supporting 4K HDR dynamic resolution. The game will release on August 28 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  1. The original Track and Field arcade game was and always be my favourite of all time, I am looking forward to capturing that same feeling, now with the kids.
    This one looks like fun, thank you Melanie.

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