Skull and Bones

Welcome to the lush hunting grounds of Skull and Bones

Ubisoft Singapore’s pirate game Skull and Bones proves you shouldn’t take piracy lightly. Before setting sails in 2019, I went into the Indian ocean for some treasures hunting in a hostile takeover game mode along with dozens of other players.

The first thing to consider when playing Skulls and Bones is to trust no one. So, every player has its own ship and the object of our missions is to steal every last coin available. Controls are fairly easy to pickup, as I managed to get my ship moving where I wanted without too much trouble.

Skull and Bones

My play session consisted of a hostile takeover where I needed to sink an entire fleet. The strategy here is to pull up the enemy flag so they won’t engage into fight. Thing is, fighting is fun, right?

A gorgeous pirate action-adventure game

Skulls and Bones is more of an action-adventure game. The interface shows the ships level and condition, so we know which ones are vulnerable. For the demo, I used canons and bombs to attack.

Aiming and firing uses the same controls as any action video game, so it becomes easy to play. The spyglass is used to invite other players to join our fleet by looking at them. It’s also used to identify ship’s allegiance and tag our missions.

When a ship gets badly damaged, it needs to retreat for repair. However, that is easier said than done when—especially when you have 15 other players are at the same location. If you come across a damaged boat, you simply press A to jump on it and steal all its treasures.

Skull and Bones

The only person you can trust is yourself

Allies will become enemies and, who know, enemies can join forces to defeat a bigger vessel. We have a reputation to build, and better treasures brings more allies. But, always keep in mind there’s no honor among thieves.

Specific actions such as repair, boarding and collecting treasure chests shows short cinematic scenes. We’ll see if it gets repetitive in the main game but for the demo, I liked the cheerful feeling of it. Hearing songs from crew members mixed with the sea waves and canon ball adds to the ultimate pirate experience. The game looks fantastic and I hope it holds on all its promises.

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  1. Seeing more of this game, I can understand why it hasn’t been announced for Switch. This game does look interesting though.

    One day, I hope that someone will bring a pirate game like this to Switch, even if it is less graphically intensive.

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