Dark Souls Remastered

Venture through a twisted world full of terrifying beasts, devious traps, and hidden secrets in Dark Souls Remastered on the Nintendo Switch. Originally released back in 2011 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the Dark Soul series is well known for its relentless difficulty. It’s now available for a whole new generation of gamers to enjoy.

Now that Dark Souls Remastered is available on the Switch, the big question on everyone’s mind is how well does it play on Nintendo’s hybrid system? Let’s find out!

Dark Souls RemasteredDark Souls Remastered Details

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Developer: FromSoftware
Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Modes: Single-player, multiplayer
ESRB Rating: M (Mature 17+)

Dark Souls Remastered

A journey through a dark and desolate world

Dark Souls Remastered takes place in a dark, desolate world that has been inflicted with a curse. The opening cinema reveals that the world was once ruled by dragons. During this time, a man called Gwyn stumbled upon an object known as the First Flame and discovers the Lord Souls.

With the help of several other allies, they use their combined powers to defeat the dragons. As a result, these actions start the Age of Fire. However, as time progresses, the flames begin to subside. In a last-ditch effort to prolong the Age of Fire, Gwyn sacrifices himself and the undead curse begins to plague humanity.

As you can see, the game takes a minimalist approach at telling its story. Instead, the story unfolds as you talk with other characters in the game. As a result, when you start the game, it will take you a while before you get your bearings.

Dark Souls Remastered

A brief yet informative introduction

You start off by creating your character with a series of different attributes, which include class, sex, and physique—just to name a few. Your adventure begins in a locked cell where you are equipped with a broken sword and a corpse lay beside you.

After you escape the cell, your given a brief tutorial of the controls via markings on the ground. Here, you’ll learn how to control the camera, pickup items, use weapons, lock on enemies and so on. After that, you’re on your own! It’s not long after you learn the ropes that you are faced with your first challenge.

It’s important that you look at and read everything you can to help give you clues. You’ll always have to keep your wits about you, as you never know what’s behind the next corner or through the doors. Aside from attacking with your weapon, you can also dodge and roll away from enemy attacks.

Dark Souls Remastered

Challenging, yet rewarding gameplay

As you make your way through the game, you gain access to more powerful weapons and abilities. Essentially, there are two main factors that influence your character that you should be aware of, souls and humanity. As you defeat living enemies you will automatically acquire souls. These act as a currency of sorts that you can use to improve your stats or upgrade your equipment.

On the other hand, humanity is a rare item that when consumed allows you to appear as a human. As a result, this allows you to get help from others. Though, enemies will be drawn to you and thus try to steal your humanity for themselves.

Bonfires serve as checkpoints through out the game. This is where you can rest, heal, and save your game. They also revive most of the fallen enemies every time you visit them. So, unless you are in need of healing or looking for a place to save, use these places wisely. If you’ve never played a Dark Souls game, be prepared to die and die again. You’ve got just once chance to make it back to the place where you perished to pickup your belongings.

Dark Souls Remastered

Remastered visuals

I am quite impressed with what FromSoftware is able to accomplish with Dark Souls Remastered on the Switch. Undocked the game runs at 720p and docked it runs at 1080p—both at 30 fps. While the frame rate is a noticeable difference from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, it still looks fluid and smooth.

Textures have been upgraded and the visuals look sharp and clean. While there isn’t much music outside of boss battles, the music during these battles is epic. Overall, FromSoftware did a fantastic job at translating this timeless classic to the Switch.

Dark Souls Remastered

Online multiplayer mode

Dark Souls Remastered features an online mode that ups the player count from 4 to 6. In addition, password matchmaking has been added as well as matchmaking with friends. Though, to get into a multiplayer session isn’t as easy as looking at your friends list and just joining a game.

You have to be summoned with an in-game item known as the White Sign Soapstone, and you have to use an item in order to summon help. Additionally, summoning players can open you up to invasions. This is where other players can enter your game and try to hinder your progress.

Joining different Covenants (in-game groups) or finding certain items can allow you to invade others’ games, or call for help if you are invaded.

Dark Souls Remastered

Dark Souls Remastered is a worthwhile journey back to Lordran

If you’ve never played a game in the Dark Souls series, Dark Souls Remastered is the perfect place to start. And, for those that are looking to return to Lordran once more—you can’t go wrong with this definitive version of the game. Combat is responsive and intuitive regardless if you are using the Joy-Cons or a Pro Controller.

Visuals in both undocked and docked mode look fantastic, and being able to play this epic game on the go is both impressive and fun. If you are looking for a challenging, yet rewarding game with fantastic gameplay and impressive visuals, Dark Souls Remastered is the perfect choice.

I hope we continue to see more games in the Dark Souls series appear on Switch. Let me know in the comments section below if you’ve played Dark Souls before and if you are planning on or already have picked up Dark Souls Remastered.

+ Amazingly detailed environments with lots to explore
+ Deadly enemies coupled with epic boss fights
+ Rewarding gameplay
+ Online play allows your friends to help in those almost impossible boss fights
+ Excellent replay value

– Difficulty might be off putting to some at first
– Rare and minor performance issues in handheld mode
– Slight audio downgrade due to compression


Gameplay: 4/5
Graphics: 4/5
Sound: 4/5
Lasting Appeal/Replayability: 4.5/5

Overall Rating 4.1/5 (82%)

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