Crackdown 3 launch

This past Friday, Xbox Canada celebrated the launch of Crackdown 3 on the Xbox One. Crackdown 3 was first announced almost 5 years ago and now has finally arrived. Check out my review of Crackdown 3 to see my thoughts and opinions on the game.

Xbox Canada stepped up their BOOM and took over Pursuit OCR’s new location here in the GTA. In case you aren’t familiar with Pursuit OCR let me explain. It is the first fully indoor obstacle course training centre fusing education, recreation, and recovery therapy into one fitness-based playground. In a nutshell, it’s a giant indoor obstacle course—Canada’s largest—that tests your strength, speed, agility or some combo of the three.

Crackdown 3 launch

Xbox VIP lounge

Upon arrival, there were the usual waivers that needed to be signed before entering. After checking-in, I was given a cool Crackdown 3 branded nap sack that included a water bottle, athletic shirt and lanyard. I quickly made my way up to the Xbox VIP lounge to get an aerial of view of all the action.

The Xbox VIP lounge had a couch, several Xbox One stations with Crackdown 3, and a DJ. In addition, Xbox Canada had several huge barrels full of Doritos and pop. From up top, I had a great view of the many different obstacles.

The Agency battle against Terra Nova to victory

The theme of the night was The Agency battling against Terra Nova to victory on the course. Pursuit OCR acting as a training ground for The Agency and we were training to step up our BOOM to show off our skills against Terra Nova. With Pursuit OCR’s extensive use of neon lighting, it setup the mood perfectly and is a great reflection on New Providence.

One of the most popular obstacles of the night was Pursuit OCR’s giant ball pit. I’m not entirely sure just how many balls there were, if I had to guess I would say somewhere in the vicinity of over 75,000! The ball pit is a good 1.5 meters or so deep, you could easily dive off the side into with no worries at all!

Crackdown 3 launch

Next to the massive ball pit, were the monkey bars. With so many different ways to hang and stretch it was busy all night. In all, there were over 22 different obstacles to explore.  These range from ramps, to hanging rings, to a wall of tires to scale, to a giant slide, to a sea of punching bags.

Though I must say the coolest obstacle of all is the drift tricycle race track. It runs under the obstacle course and is loads of fun. Racing against friends on these tricycles will make you feel like a kid again and work up a sweat!

Crackdown 3 launch event was fun for everyone

In all, everyone had a great time with the Crackdown 3 launch event. Pursuit OCR was the perfect place to host a launch party for Xbox’s action-adventure game starring Terry Crews. Thank you to Xbox Canada for the invite!

While Crackdown 3 does have its flaws, Crackdown fans will have loads of fun scaling buildings, taking out enemies and tearing down Terra Nova piece by piece. Let me know in the comments section below if you have played, or are interested in playing Crackdown 3.

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