Chances are, if you’ve ever cut sandwiches into dainty triangle shapes, wondered if your dining table was big enough for beer pong, or worried that you didn’t buy enough chips and dip, you’re a party planner of some kind. Whether you’re planning for an all-night rager or a low-key get-together, the OK75 all-in-one entertainment system is a powerful ace to have up your sleeve. Read on to learn about all the ways this versatile system helps get the party pumping and good times rolling, and then enter this contest for a chance to win an LG all-in-one entertainment system of your very own.

LG brings all kinds of parties to life

Party time is necessary. That nine to five grind can be exhausting, not to mention all the other chores and activities you committed to when you didn’t know better. Sometimes you need to have some fun. You need an outlet. And that’s where the LG OK75 comes in. Best Buy Canada recently wrote an article describing the features of the LG OK75 all-in-one entertainment system; read it and you’ll learn that the OK75 is the Swiss Army knife of speaker systems, featuring a host of technologies for every type of party scenario.

Born to party and blessed with connectivity options, the OK75 comes with USB inputs and Bluetooth technology for wired and wireless pairing with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and more. Multipoint technology lets you and your friends link up to three different devices to the speaker at the same time, so you can all take turns as the master of ceremonies.

A great party starts with a great theme

Some people just want to dance, dance, dance! So if it’s a dance party they want, what better way to get your guests bopping along then with some select playlists and this system’s built-in Pro DJ features. You can scratch with the jog wheel, loop part of the track, and enhance any song with various sound effects. That ought to delight all the movers and shakers at your raves and ragers!

Or perhaps the evening has taken on a different complexion. Maybe your guests don’t want to dance, they want to sing. Well then get the lyrics at the ready because the OK75 is also a well-equipped karaoke system with the power to suppress the vocal frequencies of any song to make you the lead singer. You can also add some fun voice filters at the touch of a button too, such as Robot and Helium.

Creating the right party atmosphere is like wizardry. It requires some skillful alchemy with the right mix of ingredients. Once the first song begins, the room, nay, your entire house, will feel the full power of this 1000-watt speaker with its 8″ woofer for thundering bass you can feel in your soul. And as soon as you add music, mix in some lights to really start feeling those party vibes. Nothing sets the mood for a night of music and merriment like some exciting light effects, and the OK75 Bluetooth party system boasts lighting that pulses to the beat of the song being played. And don’t forget to build the tempo with Party Accelerator. Simply slide the throttle forward and the song will build until it explodes with a terrific boom and wild light display; now, that’s magic!

And at the end of a memorable evening, when the last guests have finally gone home and you’re finished cleaning the stains off the ceiling, this portable tower features handles and wheels, so you can simply roll it into storage until the next get together. Who knows what kind of party that’ll be? But one thing’s for sure, the OK75 entertainment system will be guest of honour!


Entering this contest is easy but you can only enter once. Think of all the different themes of parties you could plan with a versatile speaker system like this at the ready. Then in a comment beneath this post, tell us what kind of party you would throw and one activity you could organize for the party with this speaker system. Think about it; the list is endless. Maybe there’s a Saturday Night Fever party you’ve been envisioning with a Bee Gee-heavy playlist and lots of disco lights that culminate in a dance off, or maybe there’s a Disney movie night with karaoke afterwards for all your favourite singalongs. Maybe there’s a dance party where all your friends take turns as DJ, with a prize for the winner! Whatever way you like to unwind and spend time with friends, we want to hear about it!


At the end of the contest, we will randomly select one winner from all eligible entries, and that winner will receive the LG OK75 all-in-one entertainment system.

This contest will run from November 8th until November 22nd

Remember you can only enter once. Be sure to tell friends and family who you’ll likely spend time with at a party or two in the future so they too have a chance to win—and if they win you can still get to use this awesome party system!

Good Luck.

LG OK75 Bluetooth Party System Rules and Regulations

We frequently have many contests running at Best Buy so check out the “contests in progress” page for more great contests to enter.
Kevin McElligott
Kevin cut his teeth as a journalist writing articles for trade publications in Dublin. He moved to Vancouver and honed his craft first as a copywriter, and now as an Editor at Best Buy. He enjoys cooking when he has the time, playing soccer, and just recently ran in his first marathon. Fitness is important to him, and he needs the exercise thanks to his fondness for donuts.


  1. The KEY to a good party is a little mix of everything! Start with a little a little Tragically Hip to get some rhythm going. Then move into a little Smokey Robinson and Leon Bridges. Around 9pm, throw on some r&b that’s fun to rap to, like Drake and Chance, little bit of Lauren Hill. When everyone is dancing, throw on the classics! End with Elton and tell everyone to gtfo. #imalwaysthehostess

  2. I would have a wild kareeokee party and use the entertainment system as the instrument of choice for everybody to sing!

  3. Since I built a big deck in my backyard last year it would be great to throw a big deck party. I worked all summer on it and didn’t really have time to use it. I would invite family and party all day and night!

  4. I wonder if I can get a long enough power cord to convert our school bus into a cool party bus! Probably not, so a backyard dance party to celebrate the next Chinook!

  5. I would definitely have an all out dance till you drop hits of the decades night where whoever is courageous enough to come up and sing their favourite tune as it ques up on the party machine! The ones who do have the guts will see much glory with treats, drinks and prizes to be awarded to the best theatrics and vocals of the evening!

  6. I have a two year old. You ever hear ‘let it go’ on frozen? I have. A billion times. I feel as though Elsa would sound absolutely incredible on this thing……Seriously if you’re reading this, please help. I’ve gotten to the point where I find myself singing it in the shower.

  7. When I am teaching a large outdoor yoga class this could fill the area with soothing tunes, and the mike could help me project my voice.

  8. I would throw an 70s party in my basement complete with the disco ball lighting, and all my guests are to be dressed in the 70s with bell bottoms etc.

  9. This would make a great gift for our dad and it will alow him to throw a karoke chinese opera party with his friends.

  10. With 1000 Watt…what??!! I changed my mind on original plan. I’m going to have a disney themed party with all the grandkids and play music from every disney movie, on loop… but I’m holding it at my sons house! Once they all get going, I can sneak out the back.

  11. It’d be so much fun to tailor the music to the theme of the dinner – we’re having an Indian meal coming up!

  12. I’d have the ultimate Latin themed new year’s party with my friends and family. It would rock with this toy!

  13. “Tis the season for a (w)rapping party! Have a get-together where everyone brings old wrapping paper (that doesn’t fit this year’s decorating theme, or the one that you just can’t seem to finish the roll) to exchange with each other. Make wrapping holiday gifts fun with friends, festive bevvies, and holiday tunes. Take a break from wrapping to have a contest with the Karaoke machine: who can best rap, instead of sing, their favourite holiday song? Winner gets a stocking full of treats!

  14. Rave party with my bffs and have a dance-a-thon to see who can last the longest. Boy, it’s gonna be a long night!

  15. An Elvis party with nothing but Elvis songs blasting from this entertainment system. I would have a contest on the best Elvis dance impersonator.

  16. I would throw a 50’s greaser party where everyone has to dress from the 50’s, and I would play tunes from that era and have a karaoke sing off.

  17. I would definitely throw a freeze dance with limbo challenge ending with a karaoke challenge. Overall this would be perfect for the many family gatherings we have throughout the year .. Good luck everyone and thanks for the chance.

  18. I would throw a Hawaiian summer pool party (first have to find a pool) with Karaoke to have everyone participate and be entertained.

  19. Wow, this would be awesome for those summer family reunions I go to every July at the beach! The kids would love dancing to the tunes, and nice to have a mic setup so someone can MC parts of it!

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