hyperboom splashproof speaker A party needs music and the Hyperboom was invented to provide incredible party-perfect audio. You probably already have the perfect party spot picked out and just need a big, loud, speaker to bring along. Some advantages of having a Hyperboom is that it’s wireless, so take it anywhere, and with Bluetooth connectivity anyone can play the music on their smartphone with ease. And if you don’t see a huge party in your near future, make it a party of one with incredible music that will fill your home. Enter now for your chance to win!

Ultimate Ears is one of the best for transportable audio technology

When my friends ask me to recommend a wireless speaker that can go anywhere and play music easily without a hastle, I suggest UE. Ultimate Ears has been producing amazing sounding speakers that go where you want to go for many years. Their newest speaker, the Hyperboom Splashproof Bluetooth Wireless Party Speaker, is the megastar of the line-up. By mega I mean it is big. It’s also heavy, delivering thumping bass and enough sound for any outdoor party.

Take it to the beach, by the pool, or just outside—even if you aren’t guaranteed a cloudless sunshiny day. I know where I would take it: to my garden. I spend a lot of time in my garden because it is massive, private, and is my place to escape. I have a small speaker there and if I’m at the outer edge of the garden I can barely hear the music. Once the weather is better and things get back to normal on this planet of ours, I would love to throw a massive party there and this speaker would be an awesome addition.

Unfortunately, I can’t win their speaker: I have the awesome responsibility to pick the winner and picking myself would just be weird. However, you can enter for a chance to win … and you should too. Even if it’s just to quietly play Mozart in the background while you work from home.

How to enter

Entering is easy but you can only enter once. Think about your dream location to host a massive party where this speaker could really show off how awesome it is, then in a comment below this article, tell us where your dream location to play music from a Hyperboom speaker is and why it’s special to you.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we’ll select one eligible entry to win a Hyperboom Splashproof Bluetooth Wireless Party Speaker.

This contest runs from May 1st until May 17th.

Remember you can only enter once. However, there are many people that you know who might also want to throw parties in the future so tell them to enter too so at least you could play your own music at their party!

Win a Hyperboom Speaker Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck.

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  1. I would play it in my dream location of Hawaii because I have always wanted to visit there. I would place the speaker on the beach and have a party with friends and family

  2. I would like to put on a rock concert while working outside! I’m going to be missing out on all of them this summer!

  3. I would love to play loud ROCK music with this Hyperboom speaker at my upcoming retirement party, which probably be in my backyard because of our state of social distancing right now.

  4. Honestly at my local and only cemetery! I have so many family and friends there, they would love to hear the music!

    Thanks for the contest, Best Buy!

  5. The Hyperboom party speaker would be perfect for my daughter’s covid-19 family graduation in isolation pool party that is till in the planning stages for June. After that, it would probably missing in action on long weekends when my daughters go away to their friends’ cottages. Good luck everyone!

  6. I’d like to play the Hyperboom speaker at my backyard because I have so many memories having parties there and all my friends are nearby.

  7. I would love to win this Hyperboom party speaker for when I go camping with my daughters and grandchildren. I think this would make camping even more awesome. Good luck everyone

  8. My dream location is my cottage because it’s a fantastic atmosphere for friends and family on warm, sunny days.

  9. I really was never much of a party person and our highschool gym was probably the biggest and the fanciest place i’ve ever partied haha. So for nostalgia’s sake let’s bring the party back there. a speaker like this would do well with the acoustics in a room like that.

  10. I would bring it to my local park and have it a big picnic party with music from the wireless speaker that can go anywhere.

  11. I plant an acre of our farm in sunflowers every year. I would love to have a small party in the middle of it. One of my fave places to be in the evening

  12. It would be in my back yard. It is special to me as I can’t get around so well these days.

  13. It may seem lame but with everything going on with self-isolating I’m really missing my family! I have 5 siblings and two amazing parents and I would love to bring the waterproof speaker to their pool! Hanging around all day soaking in the sun with people I love listening to good music, perfect!

  14. Wow! Just like Martin, I would place the HyperBoom in my garden. The weeds are always calling my name and I would love to drown them out with my loud music!

  15. My dream location to use this speaker would be in my backyard with my friends and family. Thank you for this chance to win and good luck to everyone who entered 🙂

  16. Living on a private half acre, the HyperBoom would be an awesome addition in the middle of the property. Would allow me to hear great summer tunes while I’m doing never ending outdoor maintenance!

  17. My dream location is my family’s old cottage, on the shores of Lake Sturgeon. It had everything – rustic cabin, lakefront property, miles of Woodlands.

  18. My dream location to host a massive party where this speaker could really show off how awesome it is would be at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater in Colorado. Red Rocks is a bucket list destination for me and it would be so amazing to have a huge party under the stars surrounded by the majestic beauty of the rocks !

  19. My soon to be son in law is a farmer, they plan on getting married in one of the barns, I think this speaker would be great for the barn party, and we plan on having family gatherings there and some good old Ceilidhs in the summer.

  20. i would put it next to my workout area in my unfinished basement, would be perfect to work out with some nice tunes

  21. I would love to win one so that I may bring it to Jamaica with me and listen to it on the beach. Then I would be able to play and listen to my own music the way I want.

  22. My dream location to play music from a Hyperboom speaker is in the garage while I’m doing some wood carving and it’s special because I can have the doors open so anyone walking, cycling, jogging while physical distancing on my rural road can have a smile for the day.

  23. There’s this resort called hidden ridge in banff. I just love that place, and have always wished for me and my friends to have an epic party there. Looking at this post made me remember. Some day for sure. With all my friends. Frankly I love that place and I’d love to have a party there and definitely I am going to be the DJ with these speakers. Give em to me 😉

  24. I’d want to use it at a lakeside pool party in an infinity pool! Would be so calming and fun.

  25. Would set it up in the driveway of our condo complex and hold a ‘condo block party’ once the COVID-19 situation has cleared up and social distancing guidelines have been relaxed. Celebrate things getting back to ‘normal’ with all the neighbours.

  26. I would bring it to my Mum’s farm. Lots of space for everyone to enjoy the music and have a good time !

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