hyperboom splashproof speaker A party needs music and the Hyperboom was invented to provide incredible party-perfect audio. You probably already have the perfect party spot picked out and just need a big, loud, speaker to bring along. Some advantages of having a Hyperboom is that it’s wireless, so take it anywhere, and with Bluetooth connectivity anyone can play the music on their smartphone with ease. And if you don’t see a huge party in your near future, make it a party of one with incredible music that will fill your home. Enter now for your chance to win!

Ultimate Ears is one of the best for transportable audio technology

When my friends ask me to recommend a wireless speaker that can go anywhere and play music easily without a hastle, I suggest UE. Ultimate Ears has been producing amazing sounding speakers that go where you want to go for many years. Their newest speaker, the Hyperboom Splashproof Bluetooth Wireless Party Speaker, is the megastar of the line-up. By mega I mean it is big. It’s also heavy, delivering thumping bass and enough sound for any outdoor party.

Take it to the beach, by the pool, or just outside—even if you aren’t guaranteed a cloudless sunshiny day. I know where I would take it: to my garden. I spend a lot of time in my garden because it is massive, private, and is my place to escape. I have a small speaker there and if I’m at the outer edge of the garden I can barely hear the music. Once the weather is better and things get back to normal on this planet of ours, I would love to throw a massive party there and this speaker would be an awesome addition.

Unfortunately, I can’t win their speaker: I have the awesome responsibility to pick the winner and picking myself would just be weird. However, you can enter for a chance to win … and you should too. Even if it’s just to quietly play Mozart in the background while you work from home.

How to enter

Entering is easy but you can only enter once. Think about your dream location to host a massive party where this speaker could really show off how awesome it is, then in a comment below this article, tell us where your dream location to play music from a Hyperboom speaker is and why it’s special to you.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we’ll select one eligible entry to win a Hyperboom Splashproof Bluetooth Wireless Party Speaker.

This contest runs from May 1st until May 17th.

Remember you can only enter once. However, there are many people that you know who might also want to throw parties in the future so tell them to enter too so at least you could play your own music at their party!

Win a Hyperboom Speaker Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck.

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  1. I would bring it to my friends pool because I dream of days when we didn’t have to social distance

  2. Definitely have it in the backyard by the fire. Why? It’s my happy place…….and my friends say I have a speaker problem….lol

  3. Dream location would definitely be on the beach! Being able to enjoy the music while going for a swim and being around friends would be a spectacular time.

  4. When I was younger I always wanted to go to Belize for the sun and the beaches. This would be a fun place to party, although in the situation we are in now, I would opt for my backyard.

  5. I would love to have this speaker to have a party at my friends camp site. He has a huge camper.

  6. My dream location to play music from a Hyperboom speaker would be the forest. I have a few of my favourite spots to meditate and do yoga and using this speaker to play music while doing so would be amazing

  7. In our huge courtyard where we hold at least two all-resident parties for three buildings every summer.

  8. I am a dance teacher in life and I’ve lost my job in Australia because of the COVID. I just came back into the country two months ago. If I win the speakers, I will put them outside of my parents house, on their deck and teach live dance classes for everyone to fallow. I will throw my own dance party with my new speakers and everyone can enjoy them (from Australia to Canada) 🙂

  9. I would love to host a party in my own backyard. Have a pool, fire pit, basketball net, and trampoline so something for everyone.

  10. Our campground has a final windup party at the end of season. They have dancing and loud music into the wee hours of morning but sound quality is always terrible. I’d love to show up with this for the enjoyment of all!!

  11. Cottaging up at Northern Ontario with family and friends. Listening to some tunes while lakeside fishing, roasting some marshmallows or throwing a BBQ party!

  12. My dream location to play music from a Hyperboom speaker would be in my granddaugher’s backyard, right by her tramponine overseas. Simply because I miss seeing her and would love to hangout on her trampoline with her while listening to her favourite tunes.

  13. Use it at my friend’s backyard with it’s pool and garage(Bar) and hang out with all our friend’s and families.

  14. With my parents on their deck in the backyard for my Dad’s birthday in July, with all of his family and friends around!

  15. Dream location would be on a private island up north somewhere!!!! It would be great for me as I love my bass!

  16. maui. I went to a wedding there once and it was magical, would love to party back at that plantation

  17. Kitchen Party in our home on Cape Breton Island would be our ideal location for the Hyperboom Splashproof Bluetooth Wireless Party Speaker. What a time this would be…lots of talent within our Island..

  18. Dream location: Out on my back deck, with all my family and close friends present

    And when this lockdown is finally over, we will do it! We will celebrate just being alive and together 🙂
    Yes we will.

  19. Dream location would be on a beach in an exotic location like Costs Rica or the Philippines. Oh Yeah!

  20. My dream location, to play music from a Hyperboom speaker is at our cottage on the Ottawa River, at RR1 Deep River, Ontario where I would invite my family, 13 + spouses, and my husband’s family, 8 plus spouses, and their kids, so many. Why, because it is a beautiful place to have a party with swimming, boating and lots of great music. Would be amazing!

  21. On the deck of our cabin in the mountains. We haven’t seen our friends and neighbours there since last summer, and not certain if hosting a party would ar for surebe possible this summer, but next year for certain Meantime, if the rules are relaxed, and it’s deemed safe, a skating party might be in order. Music would be great for that as well.

  22. My dream location would probably be my office at home. Lots of work being done there lately, since we can’t…..well, you know why. A little bit of jazz couldn’t hurt to get the mind off of spreadsheets. And not being able to golf!! The places I go in my mind are getting more special by the day.

  23. My happy place is at the lake.I would have a freedom party at the lake with a bonfire to reconnect with all those we have not been able to be with.

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