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We all love listening to music, whether at home, on the go, or at a party with friends. But do you have the right gear to bring your music with you? The right portable speaker will allow you to listen to your favourite songs anywhere, anytime. Here is a quick look at a variety of portable speaker options that can fit whatever your spending plans are. These are my picks for the best portable and party speakers for every budget.

Most affordable portable party speakers

I know how important it is to stretch your dollar as far as it can go. I always make it a priority to look for purchases that are kind to my budget, and these speakers fit the bill. They do a good job for a reasonable price. And if there’s a need to replace them, there won’t be much crying. (I’m cheap, so I cry any time I have to replace something).

JBL Go 3 Bluetooth wireless speaker

This JBL Go 3 waterproof Bluetooth wireless speaker is a good speaker to start your outdoor musical journey. I love a portable and waterproof speaker that can connect to any Bluetooth device. Though it would be nice to have a little bit more battery life than 6 hours, you can easily plug it in via USB during your party to keep the fun going. I also like the loop on the end that allows you to hang the speaker up out of harm’s way.

Sony SRS-XB100 Bluetooth wireless speaker

Sony SRS-XB100

Another great budget choice is the Sony SRS-XB100 waterproof Bluetooth wireless speaker. Not only is it waterproof, it is UV resistant! You can keep it in the sun without those mean UV rays causing the colour to fade. Well, you might let it sit there for hours and hours. I’d suggest you resist the urge to tempt fate or doubt the power of the summer sun. You get up to 16 hours of battery life from this speaker, which is very good for an affordable portable speaker.

Portable speakers that are a balance of price and functionality

We all like balance in our lives. These speakers are a great compromise between cost and available features. You’ll get good quality without putting a big dent in your bank account, and that will help make sure you’re still smiling when you bring the speaker home.

Bose SoundLink Flex

You can count on Bose to provide good audio quality, and they deliver with the Bose SoundLink Flex waterproof Bluetooth wireless speaker. In addition to the sound quality, Bluetooth connectivity, and water resistant, it has a microphone. So, you can take a call or use your Siri or Google Assistant to control the speaker. And it can be paired with other Bose products to add to a full soundscape in a room.

JBL Flip 6 waterproof Bluetooth wireless speaker

My favourite feature of the JBL Flip 6 waterproof Bluetooth wireless speaker is a very boring one. If the USB-C charger senses that the speaker is touching water, salt or various chemicals, it warns you to unplug the cable. I like a device that has self-preservation as a feature. It also has a 12 hour battery life, the ability to pair with another JBL portable speaker, and it is water resistant.

Premium portable and party speakers

These are the speakers for anyone who really gets into the music, or spends a lot of time with someone who does if you’re getting a friend or loved one a speaker as a gift. After all, shouldn’t you consider your own enjoyment when picking a speaker gift for your friend? You’re going to be around them when they use the speaker, so the money you spend on it will benefit you. Check out these high end best portable and party speaker offerings.

JBL PartyBox 310 splashproof Bluetooth wireless speaker

The JBL PartyBox 310 splashproof Bluetooth wireless speaker is no simple speaker, it’s a full blown party system. It has a microphone input and a guitar input, so you and your friend can finally live the dream of being a rock duo. It also has a USB input so you can pop a flash drive full of tunes into the Partybox. The 18 hour battery life is good, and a power cord is included for situations where you can plug it in. It also has a variety of sound effects to entertain the party guests. When you hear the air horn go off, the party has officially started!

Your eyes may mistake the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II splashproof Bluetooth wireless speaker for a lantern. Or maybe that’s just my bad eyesight making the mistake. But either way, your ears will recognize a high quality portable speaker when they hear it. The shape of the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II allows it to deliver 360 degree sound, which is fantastic for a large room full of partygoers. And you can mount this speaker on a tripod to improve the sound projection! You can also connect two devices simultaneously so that two people can swap control of the speaker from song to song. But no fighting over the playlist!

Find portable and party speakers for every budget

I hope that this quick list has helped you find the perfect portable speaker for your party needs. At the very least, you’re thinking about what features are most important. Every good purchase starts with knowing what you’re looking for. Check out the full range of wireless speakers available on Good luck and rock out!

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