Best Portable and Party Speaker Are you shopping for the music lover in your life but can’t decide what would be a good pick for them? If they love to take their music on the go, possibly with a party crowd around them, then a portable speaker is a easy gift solution. Here’s a quick look at the best portable and party speaker gifts for every budget.

Most affordable portable party speakers

Now you’re speaking my language. I look for gifts that are kind to my budget, and these speakers fit the bill. They do the job for a reasonable price. And if there’s a need to replace them, there won’t be much crying. (I’m cheap, so I cry any time I have to replace something).

Altec Lansing HydraMini

This Altec Lansing HydraMini Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is music to my ears. I’m not saying my soon-to-be teen is clumsy, but things fall frequently around him. I have learned to accept it. So a durable Bluetooth speaker that’s also waterproof is a great option for him and me. And you can easily afford to replace it if somehow it does get irreparably damaged.

Marley No Bounds

Another great budget choice for your gift receiver. The Marley No Bounds Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is not only waterproof, it is buoyant. You can let it float beside you in the pool or jacuzzi. Well, you might let it float. I would be more hesitant to do that, because I get nervous about things. You can pair two of these speakers to get stereo sound to take it to the next level.

Bose SoundLink Colour II

You like to give gifts that have a strong brand behind them, and there’s few better speaker brands than Bose. The Bose SoundLink Colour II Splashproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker gives you Bose quality at an affordable price. It can be integrated into a Bose smart home speaker system. And, the Bose connect app will gives you full control over the configuration and settings from your device. You should note that this speaker is splashproof, not waterproof, so tell them to keep it out of the pool.

Portable speakers that are a balance of price and functionality

We all like balance in our lives. These speakers are a great compromise between cost and available features. You’ll get good quality without putting a big dent in your bank account, and that will help make sure everyone on your list gets a nice holiday surprise.

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2

My favourite feature of the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2 Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker? The opportunity for me to shout “WONDERBOOM!” when the gift is opened. But if you’re a serious person who doesn’t like shouting things they think are funny, then this speaker has actual features you’ll like.


Notably, it promises up to 13 hours of life on a fully charged battery, which is a good amount. And it has basic control buttons on the speaker itself, so you can skip that one song on the playlist that no one likes. Why is that song even on the list?

JBL Flip 5 Eco Edition

The JBL Flip 5 Eco Edition Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker boasts of a racetrack-shaped driver that improves the speaker’s ability to pump our low frequency sound.


It’s all about the bass with them. It also sports a 12 hour battery life, and is waterproof to a depth of three feet. You can’t take it scuba diving, but it will do just fine by the pool.


Is it even a party without party lights? You can rest easy, because the Sony SRS-XB33 EXTRA BASS Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker has lights around each of the internal speakers and line lights around the edge.



And of course it has the extra bass power that the name proclaims in capital letters. The battery life is up to 24 hours, which is very impressive.

LG OK55 500W Bluetooth Party System

The LG OK55 500W Bluetooth Party System with Karaoke & DJ Effects is no simple speaker, it’s a full blown party system. A system! Strobing and dancing LED party lights! Karaoke creator with voice filters to make you sound like a better singer! A party accelerator slider! I can’t contain my excitement!  It even has a clock and an alarm clock, though keeping accurate time seems to be antithetical to the party atmosphere.

Premium portable and party speakers

These are the speakers for anyone who really gets into the music, or spends a lot of time with someone who does. After all, shouldn’t you consider your own enjoyment when picking a speaker gift for your friend? You’re going to be around them when they use the speaker, so the money you spend on it will benefit you.

Sony MHC-V21 Bluetooth NFC Wireless Speaker

Have you ever wanted to have a music battle break out in the middle of a party? The Sony MHC-V21 Bluetooth NFC Wireless Speaker will let that happen. It can have three different devices connected to it simultaneously via Bluetooth, so three different DJs can play their songs. Not at the same time though, because that would be less than ideal.


And it has two microphone inputs for those karaoke duets you’ve been wanting to do with the person you’re giving this to. Harmony!

JBL Partybox 300

Here’s a fun addition: live music! The JBL Partybox 300 Bluetooth Speaker has a microphone input and a guitar input, so your friend can finally live the dream of being a rock duo. It also has a USB input so you can pop a flash drive full of tunes into the Partybox. The 18 hour battery life is good, and it has a DC power adapter so it can be plugged in to a car’s charging port. Road trip for the band!

Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM

Best Portable and Party Speaker You have the WONDERBOOM’s bigger brother here. The Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM Splashproof Bluetooth Wireless Party Speaker could in fact connect to its little brother to be a pair of speakers. It can have 4 different input devices connected at the same time, letting you switch the music source from song to song. The 24 hour battery live and adaptive EQ add to the appeal of this speaker.

Best Portable and Party Speaker Gifts for Every Budget

I hope that this quick list has helped you find the perfect gift for your music fan. At the very least, you’re thinking about what features are most important. Every good purchase starts with knowing what you’re looking for. Good luck and rock out!