TV mount for the holidays

The time of year I enjoy the living room and my TV the most is during the holidays. We spend so much time visiting with friends and family in that space, watching movies or just chatting. Even when we’re not watching the TV we still have it on streaming ambient videos or a holiday fireplace. If you’re like me and your TV is an important piece of your holiday décor, you can enjoy it even more by upgrading your TV mount or stand.

Why install a TV mount?

A TV mount is a great option for anyone who wants to free up space in their living room or create better TV viewing angles from every corner of the room. They place your TV directly on the wall so it can become a focal point when you’re watching it or blend in as part of the décor when you’re not. They are a great option if you have small children and you’re worried they may knock your large TV off the stand. You can find TV mounts for all sizes of TV from a tiny 20 inches up to 90 inches.

To decorate for the holidays, you can add holiday décor around your TV when it’s up on the wall. I’ve always added a festive bit of garland or a bow to the base of my TV during the holidays.

Types of TV mounts

low profile TV mount

There are a few different types of mounts you can choose from.

  1. Fixed or low-profile mounts

Fixed or low profile wall mounts are mounts that sit flush or almost flush with the wall. The TV stays in one place and can’t be moved or tilted. People choose this type of TV mount for TVs like Samsung The Frame or ultra-low profile TVs that double as artwork when you’re not watching.

  1. Tilting TV mounts

Tilting TV mounts can tilt up and down as needed. Some types have arms that pull the TV away from the wall when you’d like a closer view. This type of mount is a good choice for a crowded room or holiday party because it will tilt to the perfect angle for every viewer.

  1. Full motion TV mounts
full motion TV mount

A full motion TV mount can pull away from the wall, tilt up and down, and move from side to side. Full motion mounts can be adjusted to almost any angle you can imagine. If you find yourself needing a mount you can move into various positions depending on where you’re sitting or what you’re using your TV for, a full motion mount is for you.

  1. 3-in-1 mounts with stands

When you choose a 3-in-1 TV mount with stand you get the best of both worlds – a versatile TV mount that holds your TV securely in place and an entertainment stand to hold all of your devices. I really like this option for the holidays because you can have your TV elevated for a better view, but you also get the benefit of a TV stand where you can place your connected devices and a bit of your holiday décor.

Installing a TV mount

3 in 1 TV mount with stand

Setting everything up for the holidays can be a bit overwhelming, but mounting a TV doesn’t have to be. It’s actually a very simple process, and most wall mounts are packaged with everything you need to hang your mount and TV on the wall. Here’s a quick list of steps to mounting a TV.

Steps to mounting a TV on the wall

  1. Assemble the tools you’ll need. A drill, wall stud funder, and level will be very useful.
  2. Determine where you’ll place the TV and where your wall studs are. The wall mount needs to be drilled into the studs or your TV may fall from the wall.
  3. Mark the spots where you’ll drill pilot holes for your anchor bolts. You may find a cardboard outline included with your mount that you can use as a wall guide. You’ll want to use tape to attach the outline to the wall and use your level to ensure it’s in the right position.
  4. Most wall mounts have 4 anchor bolts, and you’ll want to drill guide holes for each bolt.
  5. Lift the mounting plate onto the wall and attach it with the anchor bolts. Some wall mounts are heavy or a little awkward to hold, so you may need help with this step.
  6. Once your mounting plate is in place you can attach the arm section of the wall mount. There will be screws included in the box to attach the arm to the mounting plate.
  7. Depending on your type of mount, your TV may need to be attached to the arm or a mounting plate before you place it on the wall. There will be spots on the back of the TV where you can insert mounting screws or attach a plate.
  8. Attach the TV to the bracket or mounting plate on the wall. This may involve using extra screws to attach it securely.
  9. Tighten all screws and check that the wall mount is securely holding the TV without movement.
  10. If your wall mount is a full motion or tilting mount, test all angles of your new wall mount to ensure works properly.

Installing a TV on the wall t is pretty simple. While having another person there is helpful if your TV is large and heavy, anyone can install a TV mount for a smaller TV on their own.

TV stands are perfect for the holidays too

TV stand

I’ve always mixed it up when it comes to TV stands or mounts. Depending on the room your TV is in, a TV stand might make more sense than mounting your TV on the wall. TV stands are more than just a spot to hold your TV – they’re versatile pieces of furniture. You can hide away gaming consoles, media streaming devices, or place your soundbar on them. Some are stylish pieces of furniture in their own right, and you can choose from a variety of colours, styles, and brands.

I really love the farmhouse TV stands that have popped up over the past few years. They look great during the holidays when decorated with candles, wreaths, or garlands. Back when I didn’t have a fireplace, I even hung holiday stockings off of my TV stand.

Upgrade your home theatre this holiday with a new TV mount or stand

You’ll be surprised at how great your living room or home theatre looks during the holidays when you add a new mount or stand. You can find all types of TV mounts and stands at Best Buy.

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