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TCL is well known for producing exceptional TVs available at shopper-friendly prices. The TCL C-Series Mini LED TVs are the latest offering from the brand, and it was just announced they have won two CES 2023 Innovation Awards for the TCL Mini LED 4K TV 75C935 and TCL Mini LED 4K TV 75C835. Both TVs are 4K, have speedy refresh rates, and ultra-thin designs. Here’s a look at the new TVs and some of the technology that sets them apart.

TCL C-Series Mini-LED TVs

The TCL C-Series takes advantage of Mini-LED backlight technology. You can take a look at this post for more information on Mini-LED and how it works. The quickest way to explain Mini-LED is that it’s a display technology utilizing tiny LED bulbs. These bulbs are much smaller than standard LEDs, and because of their size, a TV built with Mini-LED has thousands more bulbs than a traditional LED TV.

A Mini-LED TV offers a brighter picture, accurate colour representation, and exceptional contrast. It can achieve deep, rich blacks, although you’ll find they aren’t quite as dark as OLED. TCL has been an innovator in Mini-LED technology, and both the TCL 75C935 and TCL 75C835 are also QLED TVs. That means, in addition to the Mini-LED backlight, they have added a layer of quantum dots to enhance colour, contrast, and brightness.

TCL Mini LED 4K TV 75C935

TCL C Series 935

The TCL 75C935 is a wall-filling 75 inches. It’s packed with features designed to make it the center of your home theatre system. Along with 4K resolution it offers 144Hz variable refresh rate, which makes it a great option for a well-priced gaming TV to plug in your PS5 or Xbox.

Traditionally, thin TVs don’t offer the loudest volume control, but TCL has put a lot of thought into the audio technology of the TCL 75C935. You’ll enjoy surround sound for everything from movies to sports thanks to Dolby Atmos® 3D audio processing. It takes advantage of object-based surround sound and gives the feeling of projected audio from ceiling to floor.

Unlike many of the previous generation of TCL TVs, the operating system on the TCL 75C935 is Google TV. If you already use Google at home you can integrate your accounts, use your TV to control your smart home, or use the integrated voice assistant to search for a movie.

TCL Mini LED 4K TV 75C835

TCL C Series 835

The TCL 75C835 is also a 4K 75” QLED Mini-LED TV. It will be available in North America as the TCL 6-Series 75R655. I own a TCL 6-Series QLED TV myself and I’ve loved it since the moment I brought it home. The upgrade promises to be even better than my own TV, with 4K resolution, deep, rich colours, and an HDR Pro Pack with Dolby Vision IQ® for enhanced brightness. With 144Hz refresh rate and an AiPQ Engine™, this TV will learn as you watch so it can constantly improve your colour, clarity, and contrast.

In Canada, the TCL 6-Series 75R655 will have the Roku TV operating system. I’ve always felt it’s a solid operating system with an easy-to-use interface and thousands of free apps to add.

Watch for TCL at CES 2023

The TCL CES 2023 press conference will be held on Wednesday, January 4th at 1pm PST, and I’m sure there will be more exciting announcements from this popular brand. Check back tomorrow for all of the highlights from TCL at CES 2023.

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