Samsung is the de-facto leader in LED TVs and have produced some of the best TVs in the market. Their 6000 series over the last couple of years has been extremely popular, and for good reason. But how does the sexy new H8000 curved LED TV compare to the tried-and-true and continuously improving 6000 series? The H8000 is undoubtedly the future of home entertainment while the 6000’s are the proven technologies and quality products that are in so many living rooms. It is hard to go wrong with Samsung, but what gives with the new H8000 vs. the not so new?

Samsung 6000 Sets

Samsung has delivered quite a variety of different models in their 6000 series of sets, many of which have reached high praise by critics and consumers. To give you some indication, their selection includes the H6000, H6030, H6200, F6300, H6350, and F6400 models which all come in a number of different sizes. Depending on what you want in an LED TV, you should be able to find exactly the combination of features and qualities that you want. Everything from 3D to Smart features, picture-in-picture to screen mirroring, and a bunch more.

But how do the new H8000, as well the new HU9000 series, compare to these tried and true 6000 sets? Samsung has the widest range of sets to choose from, and these new TVs make the variety of selection even better. The good news as I said you should be able to find the combination of attributes that is right for you. The bad news is that it may be hard to choose from such a large array of excellent choices. I will at least try to sort out the new from the “not as new” 6000 series. You can’t call them ‘old’ as most came out last year.

Curves are New

The big deal with the new H8000 and HU9000 sets are their curved screens, which you won’t find in any of the 6000 series sets. For a more detailed look at these fantastic new curved screens look at my recent post. But why the curves? Not only do they make a very striking looking TV, but there are several functional benefits that make for a better picture. The curve actually creates a more even distribution of light on the screen and less light reflection, plus there is less distortion around the outer edges of the screen. These effects aren’t dramatic, but they are subtle and definite improvements of the picture quality over a flat screen. 

Some manufacturers are suggesting the curves create a more immersive experience, but I think this is a big stretch. The curve is not nearly big enough to feel like you are being surrounded by the image. Going from flat to curved is not like going from TV speakers to a surround sound system – now that I would call a more immersive experience. I am not suggesting curve screens are a bad idea. They look fantastic and do add to the picture quality, just don’t buy them because you think you will have a more immersive experience.

Picture Quality

So beyond the curved screens, are there any other differences with the new H8000 LED screens? There are a few improvements inside these new Samsungs that you won’t find in any of the 6000 series. The most important aspect of any TV is the picture quality and Samsung continually strives to improve that and the 8000 is a step up, without taking that full step into 4K (like their new HU9000 series). But 4K is still pricy so Samsung has decided to also improve their Full HD LED TVs.

The new picture-enhancing technologies in the H8000 includes Auto Depth Enhancer, improvements in their dimming with Micro Dimming Ultimate and Precision Black Dimming, as well as even faster image processing to improve the motion rates. Auto Depth Enhancer automatically adjusts the contrast in a way that provides a greater sense of depth for a more realistic picture. The more precise dimming features also creates an even greater contrast for a much clearer picture.

Although the H8000 series has all these picture quality refinements, the picture you will find in the 6000 series TVs is still excellent. But as you would expect, it just keeps getting a little bit better each year. If you are looking for a great picture, in a big screen, for a very reasonable price consider the Samsung UN55FH6200 as one of many great Samsung TVs. A lot of the technologies like Wide Colour Enhancer Plus and local dimming, and full HD resolution are present in most of the 6000 series TVs, which also does a great job in producing an excellent picture.

Motion Blur Control

You can get some excellent refresh rates in the 6000 series so motion blur in fast moving scenes should
be no problem at all. With the H8000 series, Samsung seems to have stepped this up a notch. Although the refresh rate is 240 Hz, their advertised Clear Motion Rate (CMR) is 1200, whereas the highest you will get with a 6000 series is a 480 CMR in Samsung’s 3D Smart LED TV UN65F6400AFXZC. Although the 6000 series typically have 120 Hz refresh rates, and most have a CMR rating of 240, they are all excellent TVs for eliminating motion blur in fast moving scenes or for gaming.


Other Features

The nice thing about the new H8000 series is that it comes with just about every possible feature known to man, all in one curved HDTV. It is a 3D Smart LED TV with the picture enhancing technologies mentioned above plus a myriad of other enhancements like voice recognition, screen mirroring, quad-core plus processor for faster Smart browsing, Multi-Link dual screen technology, and an eco-sensor that adjusts your picture based on the amount of light in the room.

Many of these features you will find in the 6000 series of TVs but typically not all in the same TV. Having said that you should be able to find the 6000 series TV that has exactly those features that are important to you. You will have no problem finding 3D Smart TVs (or not) with a variety of different features. One of the things to consider is the number of inputs that you need as they vary a bit between sets. The new H8000 has plenty with 4 HDMI and 3 USB as well as all the other regular inputs and outputs. You will find the same number of HDMI and USB inputs in the Samsung UN60H6350AFXZC and a few other great 6000 models.

Bottom Line

So if you are in the market for a new TV, should you go for the new curved Samsungs or one of the well-respected and proven 6000 series TVs? The good news is that it is hard to make a bad decision, but is it the best decision? The bottom line is that the new curved H8000 series TVs have a slightly better picture, every feature that you will need, in a very attractive curved screen – but it comes at a higher cost so it needs to fit in your budget. If your budget is lower and/or many of the features like 3D and Smart aren’t that important to you, you will be able to find a great quality 6000 series TV that fits what you are looking for. Have fun and enjoy!

Tom Brauser
I love to try new technologies and I have a practical approach to techie stuff - it has to be easy to use and make my life better. I have my house fully wired, with a surround sound system in my family room for music and TV viewing, but also drive music throughout the house as well as outdoors. I Internet stream content on all my devices at home, which provides a huge variety of entertainment to enjoy.