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Bose has based its reputation on delivering fantastic sound with small speakers and the Bose CineMate 15 is no exception. If you are tight on space but don’t want to sacrifice sound quality then this is for you. Even if you aren’t tight on space, Cinemate 15 is a simple and very clean way to add great sound to your entertainment system.

The CineMate 15 is the latest addition to Bose’s already established CineMate line of speaker systems. They are the CineMate GS Series II and the CineMate 1 SR, which are both excellent additions to your home entertainment systems. The 1 SR is a big sound bar and the GS Series II has two separate speakers, and both come with a subwoofer called the Bose Accoustimass module. So what about is the CineMate 15 all about?

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CineMate 15 Speakers

The CineMate 15 also comes with the Acoustimass module that provides the bass for the system. Being a hideaway unit makes it easy to place anywhere in the front of the room. You can place it right in front or tuck it behind some furniture, as long as it is in reach of the soundbar with its cable. Wherever it is, it will provide a full deep bass that will bring your home entertainment to life. Unlike most bass speakers, the Acoustimass module is made up of two smaller 5 ¼ inch speakers that sit in acoustic chambers that are designed to resonate a clear powerful bass sound. This design provides a very crisp but deep bass sound.

The actual sound bar that comes with the CineMate 15 is amazingly small, to the point I am not sure I would call it a ‘bar.’ It is only 12” wide but don’t be deceived by that because the sound is very impressive. Bose definitely has a knack for getting big sound out of small speakers. It has a four-element speaker array that works with Bose TrueSpace signal processing to spread the clear crisp sound around the room, creating more of a virtual experience.

Bose CineMate 15 Sound Bar.jpgCineMate 15 Setup

The CineMate 15 doesn’t require a receiver since the speaker bar plugs right into your TV using either analog RCA connectors, an optical digital connection, or a coax connection; depending on what you have available on your TV. It is small enough that it can fit very nicely under or near your TV without getting in the way.

The Acoustimass speaker simply connects to the sound bar using the cable provided so it is about as simple as it gets. Great sound, simple setup, space-saving profile – a very good combination.

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Remote Control

The CineMate 15 also comes with a universal remote that is a full function remote that you can use to control your entire entertainment system. It is ergonomically designed and extremely easy to program for all your other components. The last thing you likely need is yet another remote control, but because this is an attractive and effective universal remote you can use it to simplify your entire system.

Bose again has made big sound out small speakers. The CineMate 15 is the ideal combination of simplicity and powerful sound in a space-saving package. It is relatively new, but the reviews I have seen so far have been very favourable, which I guess shouldn’t be a surprise given it is a Bose product.

Bose has many exciting new products available at Best Buy soon.  Check out Best Buy’s Bose webpage for headphones, wireless speakers and of course the latest in home audio. 

Tom Brauser
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