As a person who regularly reviews products, you won’t be surprised to hear that I am a big fan of reviews. And I don’t mean my reviews, but from consumers that have bought the product, used it for a while and discovered the nuances about it, both good and bad. I would never buy a product unless I read quite a number of reviews about it as nothing can replace that user experience and associated perspective. So what I thought I would do is provide you a summary of what I found to the be top 5 best rated TVs, purely based on customer ratings and share some of their reviews.

Sony 60” 3D LED Smart TV (KDL60W840B)

5.0/5.0 (1 rating, 1 review)

This is a totally new TV using Sony’s innovative wedge design, and I realize that the sample size in number of reviews is small, but it is an impressive TV and the one review we got was fantastic. This is the biggest of the top-rated TVs at 60”, and it is fully loaded with features: 3D, Smart, X-Reality Pro Technology, MotionFlo 240 XR, and all the advantages of the wedge design. This is a nice looking set that has a fantastic picture with every option you could want.

Here is what aa69aa from Ottawa had to say:

Sony is amazing!

“This TV is amazing! Love everything about it with so many options. You won’t go wrong if you buy this. Got it on sale so it’s even sweeter. If you need help to use a function, just press iManual on the remote and you will be educated in seconds.”

LG 42” Plasma HDTV (42PN4500)

4.7/5.0  (26 ratings, 22 reviews)

The LG 42” is the only plasma TV in the top 5. Personally, I am biased towards plasmas because I think the colours are richer and the picture tends to have more depth because the contrast and speed of plasmas tends to be better.  Even though it is only 720p, everyone raves about the picture quality. This LG 42” is pretty basic without really any extra features, just a great picture at a very good price. The best feature is self-calibration so the settings and picture quality are always excellent.

JT from St. Catherines, Ontario had great things to say about this TV:

Best TV I ever purchased!

“This is the best TV I ever bought. The smoothness of HD content is great and images or text is very clear. It looks way better than my 55 inch LED 3D TV @ 120hz. TV is best viewed at 5 feet or more and viewing angles are very good. Played some PS3 and had no ghosting issues, colors are very vivid.”



Samsung 55” LED Smart TV (UN55FH6200)

4.6/5.0 (5 ratings, 3 reviews)

Not surprised to see Samsung on the list, as they produce some excellent TVs with a huge variety of models. It is not fully loaded but has some great features like Smart Hub, AllShare to allow mirroring your Smartphone or PC, Dolby Premium Audio 5.1, and 240 Clear Motion Rate technology. This TV is really well liked because it is an excellent balance of being a big screen with an excellent quality picture, while having some important features at a very reasonable price.

Here is what Edward from Oakville, Ontario had to say:

Worth the investment!

I was considering the Samsung line in both 3D (6030) and this TV – after deciding that 3D was not the way to go – I am more than happy. I really wanted to upgrade from the 46″ that is now in the bedroom and enjoy the TV with its features. I just plugged and played for the first week now and it is great – I already had an excellent sound bar to make up for the decent TV speakers but they cannot hold a candle to the sound bar. 

I am still adjusting to the new smart hub screen but a small price to pay – just ordered the calibration disc which should arrive in about 2 weeks and further improve the already good picture quality.

The picture is great and clear and let’s face it – size does matter and the 55″ is much more enjoyable to watch in the family room while the 46″ fit perfectly in the master bedroom.

Insignia 48” LED HDTV (NS-48D510NA15)

4.3/5.0 (7 ratings, 6 reviews)

Are you surprised Insignia made the list? I am not because they make a good TV at a a great price. This TV is very basic with not a lot of extra features or connections, but is a big screen with an excellent picture at a very good price. It is full 1080p HD that has only a 60Hz refresh rate, but it performs extremely well for the money.

Hunter from Kelowna liked this TV well enough to write:

Great TV, Great Value 

We bought this TV about 1 month ago and it’s been great. I have never owned an Insignia or even tried one before but this is truly excellent and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Great product, awesome price. Thank you Best Buy Kelowna.

Samsung 40” LED Smart TV (UN40EH5300FXZC)

4.1/5.0  (13 ratings, 12 reviews)

This Samsung is the smallest TV that made the list, but well liked because it has Smart Hub, a great picture, and a very good price. Again, not fully loaded but seems to have the features that people want and enough connections to add peripherals. It also has AllShare for mirroring your PC or Smartphone on the TV, although I couldn’t find any reviews that said anything about this feature.

Nora from Montreal had this to say:


“Finally I found what I was exactly looking for! At first, I wasn’t satisfied with the picture quality.. until (silly me!) I changed the settings of the resolution and HD WHICH made the picture super amazing! I am playing Youtube via my home wireless and it’s working perfectly fine. I recommend this TV to anyone is looking for a super smart TV with medium budget Smiley Happy


In looking at these top-rated TVs, I couldn’t help but notice that most of them (all but one) weren’t fully loaded with features. What people seem to want most is good value, which translates to a very reasonable price, an excellent picture, and perhaps a few features that they feel are important. I think this is a great way to look at it! The customer is always right.

By Tom Brauser, Editor Home Theatre

I love to try new technologies and I have a practical approach to techie stuff – it has to be easy to use and make my life better. I have my house fully wired, with a surround sound system in my family room for music and TV viewing, but also drive music throughout the house as well as outdoors. I Internet stream content on all my devices at home, which provides a huge variety of entertainment to enjoy. 

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  1. I would NOT recommend the samsung 40 inch TV model number UN40EH5300FXZC specifically, or frankly ANY samsung tv on account of the TERRIBLE customer service they provide! This tv broke after 2 years. The screen simply stopped displaying anything. The worst part is, after calling samsung support, all I got was bad information, (wrong numbers for servicing) contradictory info (different representatives saying the opposite of what the other said… yes, I had to be on the phone for over 2 HOURS with multiple calls!) and as a customer who’s spent many thousands of dollars on samsung products, they wouldn’t even offer so much as a 10 dollar discount towards the purchase of a new tv to compensate for the dud I bought or the terrible customer service I had to go through. Stay away from samsung. When it works, it’s great of course, but then that goes for ANY product, whether it’s a brand name or the cheapest, least known name. It’s when things DON’T work that you should judge the product and the company, and samsung is quite honestly, terrible in that respect!

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