Summer may have come to a close, but the fun is just beginning with another school year. Your college days are a precious era, and the memories you make during these years will last you a lifetime. Sure, the stresses of exams and assignments can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it’s all about finding the perfect balance of fun, relaxation, and work in your dorm room. 

Your dorm room is more than just a place to sleep; it’s both your sanctuary to chill out in and a space to create all of those life-lasting memories. Decorating it to suit your unique style is one step, and the next is equipping it with tech that will give you that balance to strive in school while having a blast. 

When it comes to dorm room tech, it’s all about the audio. Best Buy has you covered for all your audio essentials this school year. Let’s go over some multi-functional audio systems that are ideal for your dorm room haven. 

Bring Your Records to Life with a Turntable

Victrola Avery 3 in 1 Turntable dorm roomNostalgia is the current wave, and having a turntable in your dorm is not only a great way to flawlessly play tunes, but they’re stylish enough to give your space an extra boost of decor. Your record collection doesn’t have to be in vain; make those records more than just decorative wall pieces. One great example is the Victrola Avery 3 in 1 Turntable which has built in speakers to play your vinyl records seamlessly, but you can also pair it with another Bluetooth enabled device for an extra boost of sound. 

It blares an extremely rich sound, allowing you to have an immersive listening experience from the floor while you ponder life on a Wednesday night. Or, if it’s Friday you can turn it up with its three speed feature and spend the weekend blasting the party tunes with your friends. Whatever mood you’re in, this Victrola Avery 3 in 1 Turntable is sure to become your best college mate. 

Bookshelf Speakers Perfect for Your Dorm Space

The perfect addition to a great turntable are Bluetooth enabled bookshelf speakers. They can pair wirelessly with a turntable, or be used on their own paired with your phone, computer, or tablet. 

Bose Surround SpeakerStylish bookshelf speakers are ideal for your dorm room, as they can slide into any open space effortlessly and amp up your life without being in your way. The Bose Surround Speakers are one of many great options available. They’re small enough to fit into your space seamlessly, but loud enough to make your room feel like your very own club, in between hour-long study sessions of course. They also connect wirelessly to your devices of choice, and can be paired with other speakers if you really want to keep the entire floor up and partying. 

Enjoy Nostalgia and Modern Tech with a Contemporary Micro System 

Pioneer CM56 Micro System for dorm roomIf records aren’t really your thing and you prefer nostalgia in the form of CDs, a contemporary microsystem will be all the jam for you. Microsystems let you enjoy your favourite music from various sources, making your favourite music accessible in each and every way you desire.  The Pioneer CM56 Micro System is a micro system  with a CD player built in and stereo speakers included. You won’t need anything but this system to keep the music flowing through your dorm seamlessly. It’s sleek design is sophisticated and chic, and will give your space a stylish kick. Plus, this system is far from bulky, so finding the space for it in your small dorm room will be no problem at all.

Aside from it’s awesome built in CD player, this speaker system also features a built-in AM/FM radio, a USB input, and Bluetooth connectivity so you can easily hook up your phone or laptop. Whatever source you choose to enjoy your music from, the Pioneer X-CM56B 30-watt stereo micro stereo system will give you the sound you’re on the hunt for. 

Your College Years Deserve a Multi-Functional Speaker System 

Your dorm room is your home away from home, and it should feel like your very own. Customize it with speakers that will be there while you enjoy every moment of your school experience with a perfect soundtrack to remember it by. Whether you’re studying, partying, lounging, or just need some background noise while you stare blankly at a wall pondering what you just learned in your Philosophy class, there’s a speaker in store for you at to meet all of your listening needs. 

Shadi Bozorg
Originally a Vancouverite, Shadi is a freelance writer and social media coordinator now surviving the winters of Toronto. She spends her free time reading, doing creative writing, and trying to make her Fitbit proud. Shadi can also be found in the kitchen as she trains for the next round of Masterchef tryouts.