upgrade your media room for the big gameThere’s no place like home when it comes to watching the big game, so there’s never been a better time for a media room upgrade. You can make your living room or media room the perfect venue for yourself and your guests with a new TV and home theatre devices to set that big game mood.

The latest TVs bring the stadium home

Samsung QD OLED for sports

You may not be cheering in the stadium, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be right in the middle of the action. A great new TV will make you feel as though you teleported to the big game. You can watch the game in real time on a screen that basically places you in front-row seats.

The latest 4K TVs are available in all sizes including room-filling displays that are 85 inches or larger. You can choose from different TV types including OLED, QLED, Mini-LED, and QD-OLED. They have the latest TV technology built in so you’ll enjoy a wide palette of colours and the most realistic picture possible.

You can find large displays from brands like Samsung, Sony, and LG. Watching sports means fast-paced action, and you’ll never miss a second when you have one of the latest TVs. Some offer 120Hz native refresh rate and have the technology to speed up motion to 240Hz. With different modes for watching sports and apps like Netflix, YouTube and Prime Video built-in, you’ll never run out of content to tune into.

Turn up the sound bar when the crowds go wild

sound bar for watching the big game at homeA proper home sound system will amplify every whistle, snap, and hit that happens during the game. If you’re looking for something to create an immersive theatre experience, a home theatre system will fit the bill perfectly. Depending on which you choose they will include a receiver or sound bar, subwoofer, and several speakers you can place around your TV. They deliver incredible surround sound, deep bass, and clear dialogue, so you won’t ever miss a play, even from the kitchen. Plus, you can choose smart home theatre kits so you can easily pair your devices.

If you’re looking for something a bit more simple, a sound bar is one of the best ways to amplify your TV’s audio. There are sound bars from Sony, LG, Samsung, and other brands, and they are sleek and have a discreet style that fits under your TV. You can choose just a sound bar or a sound bar with subwoofer, and you can find models that will pair with other home theatre speakers if you’d like to boost your sound even more. Take a look at the sound bar buying guide for more on how to choose a sound bar.

Customize your media room with home theatre accessories

space saving wall mounts for TVsHaving your new 4K television mounted to your wall makes the game viewable from every angle of the room. There are different wall mounts you can choose to customize your viewing experience. Low profile mounts hold the TV close to the wall and are ideal for any flat-screen television. They are a good choice if you want your TV to double as an art display when you’re not watching. Tilting or full motion mounts let you angle your TV in different positions, and that will be helpful if you have a room of people over to watch sports or movies. You can just tilt your TV so everyone has a better view.

home theatre seating for sportsGet comfortable with home theatre seating

If you’re watching the pros, you should be seated like one. Every pro-watcher deserves their own home theatre seating. You can find individual chairs, love seats, or full-size home theatre seating with individual cup holders, power recliners, LED lighting, and USB plugs to charge your phone. It’s so comfortable you won’t even want to jump up when your team scores.

Smart lights set that big game mood

Hue lights for sports TV

If you want to enjoy a game day vibe in your media room, you can incorporate smart home devices like Philips Hue smart lights. You can choose a kit with lights that can change to your team’s colours or have the lights blink in time with the action on screen. Some of the latest Samsung TVs offer a Hue Sync app that syncs your smart lights with whatever you’re watching. There are all types of smart lights you can add to your media room including bulbs, fixtures, light strips, and light bars.

Start your media room upgrade now

Upgrading your media room now means that you’ll be the person everyone thinks of to host when it’s time for the big game. Now that you’ll have a home theatre made for a winner, a night of snacks, and good company, watching the big game is just the icing on the cake—whether your team wins or loses, you already won. 

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  1. This tv and this sound system would be the ultimate upgrade for my family for watching movies and sports and best for next gen gaming console.

  2. This TV and sound are will be the ultimate upgrade for my family watching movies and for Nex gen console’s. This will be the best upgrade.

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