By now, most of you have heard the term “Smart TV.” Well, now with the Sony Bravia A1E 4K OLED TVs—we’ve got something that could accurately be called “Genius TVs!” So, in a nutshell, Smart TV refers to any television that features built-in Internet connectivity, giving it the ability to access an ever-growing range of online apps and services, including video-on-demand (VOD), social media such as Facebook, and instant messaging. Some TVs even offer a web browser so you can surf the web right from the cushy comfort of your living room couch.


Rise of the Genius TV


Sony is hailing its Sony Bravia 4K OLED TVs as “genius,” because the TVs feature 8 million self-emitting pixels which promise to deliver amazingly realistic video with super crisp detail and hyper-realistic contrast.


But, more than that, the Sony Bravia OLED TVs run on the Android operating system, so in addition to the other “smart” things you have access to, such as web surfing, streaming, and mirroring or “casting” your iPhone or Tablet, you also have access to your favourite apps such as Netflix, YouTube and more, thanks to Android TV’s endless library of apps and add-ons.


The Industry’s Best 4K TVs

The Bravia OLED TVs are also supposedly some of the best-looking TVs on the market today, as well. They feature a near-frameless design, so all you are seeing is the screen, basically. Seriously, my own nice big screen in my living room has about an inch – inch-and-a-half of border around the actual screen, however, the Sony AIE OLED TVs have almost no frame, so all you are seeing is the incredibly vibrant and brilliant screen on your wall. But, what’s more important for your enjoyment of any media, is the palette of colours, crisp contrast, and perfect blacks.


Black is the New Black for OLED TVs

Each pixel of the Bravia OLED TVs are precisely and individually controlled by Sony’s super-smart X1 Extreme processor. Working together, they are able to deliver absolutely unprecedented contrast, since each pixel can be turned off or on to create true blacks, or they can be adjusted for ultra-realistic shadows. This extreme level of contrast makes subtle details and textures “pop” for a viewing experience that is almost more real than real.


Upgrade Anything to 4K-Like Realism

One of the things I like best about the Sony Bravia OLED TVs, is that they can basically make anything look really good. Thanks to the TVs’ 4K and HDR technology, plus the Bravia’s X1 Extreme on-board processor, even totally action scenes have no blur whatsoever. It also is able to take anything you watch – from DVDs, Blue-Ray discs, to whatever else you view – and upgrade it to near-4K HDR quality! That upscaling is crucial if you already have a ton of media in your library and don’t feel like having to replace everything with newer, more high-def stuff. These sets just use their awesome computer brains to detect, analyze, and reformat your media to look as crisp, sharp and realistic as possible.


Sony Bravia’s Acoustic Surface Offers a Bolder Soundscape

Most TV speakers are pretty tiny – and tinny sounding – because they offer only directional sound that comes off as low quality. The Sony Bravia OLED 4K TVs feature unique technology that allows the speakers to be built right into the screen. So, with these “best in industry” TVs, you get sound that really seems to be coming from the screen, and therefore the action. Called “Acoustic Surface Technology,” the process makes it seem like the images and audio blend seamlessly, and the almost invisible, frameless and speaker-less design of the TVs means all you get is clear, crisp picture without clutter, and rich full sound that emanates from what’s happening on the screen. That level of audio and visual pairing results in a more realistic viewing experience where you aren’t distracted by misdirected or laggy sound.


Sony OLED TVs listen to Its Masters Voice

Another cool feature of the Sony A1E OLED 4K TVs is that thanks to being powered by the Android operating system, you can use your voice to search for media right through the remote. All you have to do is tell the TV what you want to see, and it navigates through your services to your desired content.


What Else Makes Sony Bravia A1E OLED TVs So Special?

What? You’re not convinced yet? Sure, I get it, awesome blacks, vivid truer-than-life picture and revolutionary audio quality, not to mention voice control, maybe isn’t enough to convince you that the Sony Bravia OLED TVs are just a cut above the rest. But, my, aren’t we picky?


Okay, how about Blue tooth and Google Cast so you can stream anything from your phone or tablet? What about HDMI inputs that let you connect a PC or gaming console, so you can play your favourite first-person-shooter on a big screen? How about three USB ports, so you can easily connect a camcorder or camera and showcase your holiday videos right in your living room? Yeah, I thought you’d like all those features. And, the Sony Bravia 4K OLED TVs come in 65” 4K UHD HDR OLED, or the smaller 55” Android Smart TV flavours, so there’s a size for every living room and every budget.

So, are you convinced that the Sony Bravia A1E OLED 4K UHD TVs are the new gold standard for the industry, or is there another smart television you prefer? I think you’d find it difficult to find something with this many features and true-to-life and vivid viewing experience. But, let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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