Why was the WONDERBOOM 2 called the “ultimate portable wireless speaker” in a recent review by Brad on the Best Buy Blog? He actually had a long list of reasons to support this claim. I want to add one more assertion (which I’ll support with my reasons below): this is the best speaker for students. Back to school (BTS) preparations are underway for hundreds of thousands of students of all ages and this portable speaker will be on the BTS list for many of them. Two very lucky Canadians, however, will get theirs for free because they entered this contest and were selected as winners. Do you want a chance to win?

What can you do with a WONDERBOOM 2

Brad Moon wrote in his article about how versatile and tough this speaker is. You can drop it in water, you can drop it in dirt … you can drop it! It is waterproof, dust proof, and drop proof. Most importantly, it is a great sounding speaker delivering “booming” 360 degree sound. Pair 2 of these and you can have stereo sound. But even with one, you’ll be impressed with the volume and bass from such a tiny cylinder.

Why is this the ultimate speaker for students

I want to focus on just a few features that make this speaker perfect for any student. First of all, its size is perfect for students of all ages. Younger students have only so much room in their backpacks. Really … with books to carry, often a computer or tablet, a lunch, etc. there is no room for a speaker larger than the WONDERBOOM 2. Older students, those in a dorm or shared accommodations, may just want it for background music in their room. Have you seen the size of a dorm room? T-I-N-Y! Even if they are fortunate to have a large bedroom, this speaker will fill that room with sound.

My second reason is that this speaker is tough and students have enough to worry each day. Student life is full of surprises, changes, ups and downs, etc. The WONDERBOOM 2 can be a durable constant, one thing they can turn to for a pick-me-up when walking home in the rain, or a quick game of musical hot-potato before class. It is tough!

My final reason is how it looks. Ultimate Ears speakers all have a great look. The outer fabric is comfortable to hold and the two-tone weave comes in colours that just pop. These are simply great looking, and any student carrying one would be proud to show it off and share their music with friends.

Is there a student you know who would love this speaker? Follow the instructions below and you might be able to win one for them from Best Buy.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy but you can only enter once. First you must tell at least one student about this contest and ask them if they like this speaker. Then, in a comment beneath this article, tell us the name of one student you know (first name only) who would love to take this speaker back to school this fall.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will select two (2) winners from all eligible entries. Each winner will receive either the red WONDERBOOM 2 pictured above or the peach WONDERBOOM 2 pictured above.

This contest runs from August 16th to September 3rd.

Remember you can only enter once. However, tell the students you speak with to increase their chance by telling parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles to try to win a speaker for them.

Win a WONDERBOOM 2 speaker Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck!


  1. I told Isabella about this speaker and she would be very excited to try it out on her first year of college! 🙂

  2. A friend and coworker (Armani) is attending CU Boulder this year. As a music fanatic and constantly on the go, this is for her!

  3. My daughter Karty would love this and it would be a great help after her hard work at school. After her studies she could wind down with some music for her beauty sleep.

  4. My younger brother Harman would love to have this speaker as he is studying medical in school so he is a bit busy studying. So this wonderboom 2 speaker will be a great relief for him whenever he is studying or relaxing.

  5. My little cousin Kara is on her way to her first year of university! We working in getting her first dorm decked out!

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