LG has announced its TVs are getting smarter. Artificial intelligence will now be built in to LG TVs including LG OLED and LG SUPER UHD TVs.

LG TVs to use Artificial Intelligence

Dubbed ‘ThinQ’, this AI interface will allow users to use voice commands to interact with their TV via LG’s own open smart platform, as well as third-party AI services.

While voice control certainly isn’t new, it is new-ish to TVs, though smart streaming devices like Apple TV and Roku already have voice searching built in. What’s different here appears to be that the level of voice control and interactivity with other devices will increase.

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“LG’s customers can speak directly into the remote control to enjoy all the convenient features of today’s advanced voice assistant technology,” explains an LG news release from CES. “LG’s ThinQ TVs also function as smart home hubs, offering access to other smart home products such as robotic vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, air purifiers, smart lights, smart speakers and many other connected devices.”

LG last year announced it’s nearly flat Wallpaper TV, so with the addition of AI, it should make the W7 a set to add to your shortlist in 2018.

Smarter voice controls on LG TVs

Examples of what the TV can do from CES included responding to commands like “search for the soundtrack of this movie” or “turn off the TV when this program is over” without repeating the name of the program or entering a specific time.

This means that while today, many people are purchasing smart home digital speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo, in the future your TV will be the smart home hub.

LG redesigns theatre projector with tower-style HU80KA

What it lacks in nomenclature, it makes up for in sleek, smart design: the HU80KA projector is LG’s first 4K UHD model. It won CES’ 2018 Best of Innovation award for its tower design, which stacks the hardware into a more portable device which can project from the floor.

LG’s Award-Winning 4K UHD Projector To Debut At CES 2018 (PRNewsfoto/LG Electronics USA)

“LG’s first-ever 4K UHD projector represents the pinnacle of innovation in the portable entertainment market,” said Tim Alessi, head of product marketing at LG Electronics USA. “Offering superb brightness coupled with a design that offers true versatility, the new HU80KA will lead the way in changing how consumers enjoy 4K content in their home and on the go.”

You’ve never seen a projector like this

LG tackled a redesign of its projector because traditionally they’ve been bulky, expensive and a pain to install — and to be honest, their design hasn’t changed in decades.
With this new tower shape, the HU80KA projector has a footprint about half the size of competing 4K projectors, and yet it can project a 150-inch screen at an amazing 2,500 lumens— also making it LG’s brightest projector.

LG’s First 4K UHD Projector Delivers Stunning Images in Compact, Convenient Package (PRNewsfoto/LG Electronics USA)

LG’s 4K UHD projector also supports HDR content and boasts two 7W speakers for better quality audio than most projectors can manage. To take it to the next level, external speakers or a sound bar can also be easily connected via optical output, HDMI or wirelessly through Bluetooth.

While we await more information on pricing and availability, check out the rest of LG’s TV and Home Theatre lineup.

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