image of the new Sony ZH8 TV modelAs a powerhouse in the entertainment technology world, it’s always exciting to see the latest and greatest from Sony. So it was doubly exciting when they announced not one, but many new TV models at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas along with amazing new and innovative audio and visual technologies. Let me introduce you to the most exciting of the newly announced models: the Sony 8K ZH8 TV and the Bravia OLED A8K TV. Let’s find out what Sony TVs will have to offer in this brand-new decade.

Sony TVs and Audio

image of 2 new Sony TV models next to each other at CES 2020

Between their stellar TVs, innovative audio technology, and the always popular PlayStation, Sony is a household name in tech and entertainment. Sony is known for its commitment to balance innovative and quality products with affordability. Both tech enthusiasts and casual shoppers are likely to have at least one or two Sony products in their home, and with the upcoming launch of the ZH8 and A8H, I’m sure there will be many more.

Introducing the Sony ZH8 TV

image of the new Sony Z8H TV model

Sony’s new 8K Z8H TV was a standout at this year’s CES. The model will be available in 75” and 85” sizes and in 8K resolution for the crispest, most detailed picture possible. The TVs will feature the x1 Ultimate Processor for ultra-fast image rendering, upscaling, and colour management so whatever you’re watching or playing will look its best. The Z8H will also be backlit with fully array LEDs for the most realistic lighting, detailed shadows, and for deeper, darker blacks. The good people at Sony have clearly been working hard to bring us the best TVs possible this year.

With the Z8H, Sony has also launched some really cool audio technology, including a vibrating Frame Tweeter that vibrates the TV’s frame itself to keep action and audio in perfect sync. Sony has also created some exciting new audio components that can detect the layout of the room, then calibrates its audio to complement your specific space. That’s right—it reads your room to produce the perfect acoustics! Sony is raising the bar in home theatre technology in 2020.

Introducing the Sony A8H 4K TV

image of the new Sony A8H TV model

Sony also announced the upcoming Bravia OLED A8H TV at the CES, which will be available in 55 or 65 inches, and in 4K for excellent picture quality. It will also feature a new design and stand, which can be adjusted to be used with or without a sound bar.

The most exciting feature of the A8H will be the new X-Motion Clarity Engine for its OLED components, The X-Motion Clarity Engine precisely controls fast-motion scenes to minimize blur, prevent loss of brightness, and keep motion silky smooth. If you’re a sports fan or lover of action movies, the Sony A8H TV could be the perfect addition to your entertainment space this year.


While these new Sony TVs don’t have an official release date yet, they will be available for sale soon, so keep your eyes peeled. And don’t forget to keep up with the Best Buy blog to learn more about TVs and Sony technology. Happy watching!

Maria Ganger
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