award show party There’s only one major awards show left this year, and it promises to be one of Hollywood’s biggest nights. Not in Hollywood or don’t have a ticket to the big show? No problem; you can enjoy the glitz and glam yourself by hosting your very own killer award show party. So get ready to fire up your 4K television for the show and to watch all of the winning movies.

All you need to do is find yourself a cool outfit, set up your home for a great party, and you and your friends will be ready to enjoy the festivities on February 24th.

award show party tableThe first step: choose a themed outfit

If it’s a rare occasion that you get to really dress up, this could be your big night to pull out the ball gown or tux and enjoy a formal party night with your friends. Not into big dresses or tight ties? Ask your friends to dress up like a character in one of their favourite nominated movies. It’s better than Halloween because you’ll be focused on a few themes.

Ask your guests to bring a snack to share

You can put on your own buffet, but asking your guests to bring a snack or dish each just adds to award show feel. They could bring a dish inspired by a nominated film or their favourite actor or actress, or just a traditional party dish designed to share.

Decorate your house for your award show party

philips hue partyAn award show party isn’t an award show party without some sort of decoration. Choose a theme from your favourite nominated film or just add some glitz and glam to your table with sparking champagne or wine glasses, beautiful tableware, and my favourite, swoon worthy table linen.

Is your home theatre award show worthy?

While you’re planning your decorations, you might want to take a good look at your home theatre. Do you have a large enough TV for everyone to gather around and see the show in progress? Do you have enough seating for everyone?

Is your TV mounted on the wall for optimal visibility? You add a TV mount or home theatre seating before your party and you’ll have the optimal gathering space for the this party and every party you’ll throw after.

Smart lights set the mood

Once you realize how smart lights can set the mood for any occasion, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Smart lighting can change to millions of colours, so if you’d like to shine a bit of gold, red, blue, or whatever your theme is, you can just open up the app and change the colour.

You can even sync the smart lights to match the beat of your music or movie you’re watching before the big event.

In the hours before your partypopcorn maker

Once you’re ready for your party, how can you kill the hours before? Invite a few close friends over for a pre-event and screen one of the top movies in vivid 4K.

You can get 4K Blu-rays of all of the top movies this year or from years past, and it’s a great lead up to an exciting evening.

If you want to serve popcorn during your screening or you’d like to have it on hand during the award show, you’ll want to have a popcorn maker. You can choose a small popcorn maker that’s suitable for casually making popcorn whenever you’d like it, or bring home a large movie-style popcorn maker you can keep in your home theatre.

4K movies to enjoy the whole year

4K movie host your own awards show partyOnce your award show party is over, it’s time to look to next year’s award season. How better to do that than stocking up on all of the new releases as they are available on 4K? You can purchase them on Blu-ray or pick up a media streamer and download them throughout the year.

With an award show party, the sky is the limit for themes, food, and decorations. Every year the nominees change, so you’ll always have new inspiration.

Get started planning your own party this year by setting yourself up with a 4K TV, wall mount, and scene-setters like smart lights, all available on Best Buy. You’ll love having them for your party, and you can enjoy them all year until you host another.




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