Are you happy with the headphones you use on a daily basis? As you are probably aware, Best Buy sells pretty much every style and brand of headphone available. One of those is the focus of this contest: Happy Plugs. Best Buy is giving away six sets of these headphones in this contest. But first you must ask yourself: what does a headphone have to do to make you happy?

Situations in which Happy Plugs might make you happy

Consider my number one use case for wearing headpones: I commute daily. Trains and buses take me to work, then home. They are noisy; that makes me unhappy. My earbuds block out a lot of that noise and replace it with music or audio from a Netflix show—which makes me happy. I arrive at work in the morning or home in the evening more relaxed than I would without headphones.

There are many situations that other people might cite as similar examples. Perhaps you are one of the millions of people who like to wear headphones while cleaning. Some people like house cleaning itself. (Zak spoke of this in his recent contest article for the Dyson V11 vacuum we are giving away on the blog.) Others prefer to use that time to listen to a podcast or music on headphones: that’s what makes them happy while they clean.

I sent a set of these to reviewer Darren Blakeborough and he loved how these looked and felt. I guess you could say Happy Plugs made him happy. Here is his video review of these headphones:

Think about some situations in which headphones make you happy, and you might just win a set of Happy Plugs Air1 headphones!

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy, and that too might make you happy. You can only enter once though. In a comment below, tell us a situation in which headphones make you happy.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, six winners will be selected from all eligible entries. Each winner will get one of the six Happy Plug prizes: there are three matte gold prizes, two pink prizes, and one white prize.

This contest runs from September 23rd until October 7th.

Remember you can only enter once, but life is much better when we strive to make others happy. So, tell your family, tell your friends … make someone happy today by giving them a chance to win Happy Plugs.

Win Happy Plugs Headphones Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck.


  1. Headphones make me happy when I am at work; I have an especially stressful job and being plugged into music allows me to disconnect and mellows out my stress (and blood pressure). Thank you!

  2. I love it when my son wears earphones so I don’t have to hear what he’s listening to! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  3. If these are usable to connect with the TV, I would be so happy! There are certain sounds that I can’t pick up well, certain accents, and if people on tv are whispering, so I don’t get the whole story when I am watching TV. This would be a great plus for me. I am not very techinically informed, so it is exhausting for me to try and figure out what headphones are for what purposes. I hope that this one would help me and make me HAPPY!

  4. Headphones drown out people and their noise (including their bad taste in music). This allows me to focus on work, making me more productive.

  5. I would like wireless head phone because i am tired or them hetting notted, and animals chewing them. I have also always wanted air pods ever since i saw them.

  6. Under my noise cancelling headphones, when I’m at work for the town. I just hear a low rumble all day, without headphones!

  7. When me and my toddler are fighting over the tv and one of us needs to use the iPad with headphones lol

  8. Headphones make me happy during my long walk the dogs. Can listen to a book, a podcast or music and still pay attention to my surroundings and what the dogs are doing.

  9. *Wireless* headphones make me happy when I’m doing something that involves a level of flailing, like folding clothes–I stick on an audiobook or podcast without pulling the earbuds out every time I shake out wrinkles. And! They make me happy outside in the winter, tucked snugly under my hat.

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