Cancel the noise with the QuietComfort 45

The noise cancelling headphones that were the standard for all others are back again with a new look and new ways to immerse yourself. With Enhanced Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology, you can count on being able to focus and enjoy what you’re listening to without distractions getting in the way. And when you do need to hear the outside world, do it while the QuietComfort 45 are still snugly over your ears.

They were made to feel comfortable at all times, with synthetic leather and glass-filled nylon adding some durability for longer listening sessions. Up to a full day of battery life awaits as you cover your ears with these headphones (24 hours versus the QC35’s 20 hours). Also, get up to three hours of play time from just a quick 15-minute charge. Their capabilities don’t end there. Onboard beam-forming microphones aid the noise cancelling technology block out noise from the environment, to clear up phone calls, so the person listening hears more of you and less of everything around you.

Quiet time just got better

As iconic as the Bose QC35 headphones have been, the QC45 take things up a notch—or rather bring the noise down by another. Acoustic Noise Cancelling gets an upgrade here, courtesy of a new 6-microphone array: three on each side.

Bose QuietComfort® 45 headphones utilize both active and passive noise reduction technologies (Active is an electronic means of blocking unwanted noise, passive provides a physical barrier). They use a sophisticated proprietary electronics approach for active noise reduction, placing microphones both inside and outside the earcups. The electronics system senses the sound in almost any environment and then measures, compares, and reacts—instant by instant—to produce an opposing cancellation signal. Meanwhile, passive noise reduction is achieved by the combination of earcup fit, design, and clamping force of the headband.

It works equally well for phone calls. You don’t have to make any adjustments to hear clearly, thanks to the new microphone system and a new noise-rejecting algorithm that filters out the background sounds and isolates your voice for fluid conversations that can go uninterrupted.

Stay on top of things with Aware Mode

Bose enabled the QC45 to also hear ambient sound when you need to through Aware Mode. Simply push the button on the left earcup to select the mode and let some of your surroundings filter in when you want to know what’s happening around you.

Walks on city streets and running routes through parkland will feel safer when you’re not shut out from any obstacles in your way. Doing so won’t take away the verve from music playback, either. Just put these headphones on and enjoy the audible ride.

This lets you converse with others while your headphones are on, too. Order a beverage to go without taking the headphones off. Hear an announcement or your name being called while waiting so that you never lose your turn—or a single verse from the tunes you love most.

Your music, your way

The QC45 sport a unique design that allows audio to play with greater depth and clarity. They accomplish that without an increase in size, giving you better sound in a smaller, lighter and more comfortable pair of headphones.

Proprietary TriPort acoustic headphone structure utilizes external ports to vent the earcups and effectively enlarge the acoustic volume, without increasing the size of the earcup. The result is better audio and active noise reduction from a smaller, lighter, more comfortable headphone.

You can expect the best of Bose while wearing these headphones. The excellent balance steadies audio performance, letting you enjoy all genres of music. Go even further and listen to your favourite podcasts and audiobooks with the same degree for clarity.

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