kraken.jpgFilling up the holiday stocking of the dedicated computer expert in your life can be a challenge. Here are 5 gifts that will fit nicely in their digital lifestyle (though they may stretch out the actual stocking).

Razer Kraken Pro Gamer Headset

RELEASE THE KRAKEN! The Razer Kraken Pro Gamer Headset is a high quality set of headphones designed for long sessions at the keyboard, especially for the serious gaming enthusiast. The powerful Kraken headset will improve the audio experience of your PC user, and spare the rest of the people around them from the aural assault of their games and movies. The built in microphone will allow them to communicate with their online squad as they push back the alien/zombie horde. It also has a splitter cable to connect and use the headset’s microphone with their mobile device.

Insignia 10 Oz Gaming Duster

duster.jpgI know, this Insignia 10 Oz Gaming Duster appears to be a pretty dull gift at first sight, but hear me out. A few months ago I was sure my computer was dying. I’d launch Civilization 5 (a pretty hefty game for my middle of the road machine) and the cooling fans would kick into overdrive. I was sure that my laptop was on the verge of jumping to hyperdrive or about to explode into flames. I finally got around to doing some basic maintenance and blasted dust out of the air vents with one of these duster cans. Voila! The threat of overheating vanished. Every computer user should have a can or two of this stuff on hand.

PKG Wingman 16” Briefcase

laptop case.jpg“Fashionable” is not usually a word associated with the average laptop. This PKG Wingman 16″ Briefcase will fix that single handly. I’ve had a variety of functional but visually unimpressive laptop cases and bags, and this case shames every last one of them. This attractive case can hold any laptop up to 16 inches in an easy access outer section. Inside, the bag has divided sections for files and assorted paperwork (or a sandwich, one supposes). The large expandable out pocket claims to be waterproof, though I would never go out of my way to test that. With two colour options, this laptop case is a gorgeous addition to anyones wardrobe.

Kensington Presentair Bluetooth Laser Pointer

laser.jpgWhen you’re considering whether or not to buy the Kensington Presentair Bluetooth Laser Pointer as a stocking stuffer, there are 2 questions to ask: 1) do they make presentations using PowerPoint or Keynote? 2) do they own a cat? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, your gift recipient will enjoy having this pointer. The Bluetooth range is 30 feet, and the controls are configured to make navigating through a presentation easy and effective. I can’t give you exact specs on how much the kitty will enjoy chasing the laser around the room, but it will be fun for them (and for you to watch).

Insignia Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloths
cloth.jpgInsignia Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloths, where have you been all my life? So many wasted hours, staring through dust-speckled glasses at dirty computer monitors. Now, with a quick wipe down, the obscured vision disappears to reveal the actual picture. This 3-pack of cloths will let your PC user leave one beside each screen they use, so a clean viewing experience is always within reach. The attractive patterns are an added plus.

Chris Loblaw
Chris is a novelist, avid gamer, tech enthusiast, and proud dad of a 13-year-old video game master.