I have a confession to make. I am not a sound system guy. I’ve lived my life accepting the mediocre sound quality that comes with the built-in speakers in my television, or music pumping through my laptop speakers. Why? Because I’ve been intimidated by speakers. What a very strange fear that is to have, by the way. But you can’t live your life afraid of speakers. With some research, anyone can find great speakers for ordinary people like me and you. Here are a few possible options to consider when you’re on the hunt for speakers.

Great speakers for ordinary people: Before you shop

Reading the opinions of the experts is a good place to get started on your speaker quest. An article like this one from the New York Times, “The Best Surround-Sound Speakers for Most People” gives you a well-thought out perspective on this particular type of speaker system. I especially appreciated the section that describes who these speakers are best for. And knowing the criteria they used for their selection will help you understand what exactly you’re looking for in a speaker set up. Another takeaway? High quality speakers are not inaccessible for regular people like you and me. Learn from articles like the Times, but you can also read impartial reviews here on the Best Buy Blog, and see dozens or hundreds of consumer reviews on products too!

Option 1: Sound Bars

great speakers for ordinary peopleA sound bar is a good solution for your first attempt to improve your home audio system. Sound bars connect directly to your devices, without the need for a separate audio receiver.  You should look for a reliable brand like Klipsch. Review the number and type of inputs you need for your specific set of devices. Bluetooth connectivity may not be necessary for your configuration, or it may make life a lot easier. This is the best solution for a small entertainment space with limited room for additional devices.

Option 2: Pair of Speakers

When you’re talking about great speakers for ordinary people, the size and appearance of the speakers should be in mind. A nice looking pair of surround sound bookcase speakers can easily fit into your living room decor without dominating anything. Companies like  Definitive Technology make speaker pairs that look great and provide a high-quality surround sound experience without committing to a multiple speaker array. And connecting them to your receiver will be a very simple process, as long as you bought enough speaker wire. Don’t be like me. Measure before you buy wire, unless you really like making two trips to the store. Speaker pairs are a great solution for a multi-use room where technology is not the primary focus.

Option 3: Full Home Theatre Package

This is the complete package of speakers needed to set your entertainment area as a home theatre. It’s important to go with a manufacturer like Polk who specializes in high quality (and affordable) home theatre systems. A full home theatre system needs an audio receiver that all the speakers will connect to. Think of the receiver as the brain of the home theatre body. You need to spend some time planning the locations of the satellite speakers, to ensure that you get the best sound. This is the best option for a dedicated home theatre and entertainment room.

The secret to finding great speakers for ordinary people

The secret is that it’s not hard at all to find great speakers for ordinary people. The biggest discovery I had while researching my own speaker upgrade was that there is no mystery to sound systems. With a little bit of research and some simple planning, you can find the right speaker set up for your entertainment needs. You’ll be blasting high quality sound through your home in no time!

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Chris Loblaw
Chris is a novelist, avid gamer, tech enthusiast, and proud dad of a 13-year-old video game master.