The CINEMOOD portable movie theatre is your pocket-sized solution to family entertainment. At just three inches and weighing just 0.5lb., this miniature smart projector fits in any backpack, handbag, or glove compartment. It projects up to a 12-foot screen onto any flat surface, showcasing everything in Full HD resolution. CINEMOOD streams TV shows and movies from some of your favourite apps, and it’s packed with pre-loaded, family-friendly content, so you don’t even need a Wi-Fi connection. Read on to learn more about how this clever little cube can keep your family entertained at home and on the go, and then enter this contest for a chance to win one of your own!

The CINEMOOD projector brings storytime to life

Being a parent is not an easy job. Children have a seemingly unending reservoir of energy. They’re curious about everything, and their developing minds need constant stimulation and engagement. And you can’t always give them your undivided attention. You’ve got dinner to prepare, a mountain of laundry to get through, and a dog to walk. If you’re juggling a professional career, that company report isn’t going to analyze itself. And don’t forget to take some guilt-free quiet time for yourself doing activities you enjoy, like reading, exercising, chatting with friends, and snoozing. That’s why it’s good to have an ace up your sleeve like the CINEMOOD portable movie theatre. Besides the fact that this projector can actually fit up your sleeve, this sleeve-sized projector will keep your little ones happily entertained while you knock errands off your to-do list or take a well-deserved hour of relaxation in the next room.

And what better way to keep little ones engaged for a while than with a story? Children love stories. Stories inspire them, spark their imagination, and stimulate their curiosity. Stories help them learn about their feelings and the world around them. Think of CINEMOOD as an innovative, all-in-one storyteller. It offers access to near-endless hours of built-in, child-friendly content, including cartoons, e-books, shadow puppets, lullabies, and bedtime stories. You’ll even discover some Disney features, starring familiar characters from Frozen, Toy Story, and The Lion King! Simplified controls on the top and side of this portable pocket projector make it a cinch to turn on and navigate, so even young children can easily find what they’re looking for and press play. CINEMOOD also eliminates the harmful blue light that tablets and TVs emit, making its projected content easier on young eyes.

And it’s not just for children. Besides projecting child-friendly content (that you can also control from the CINEMOOD app on your smartphone), this little cube can wirelessly screencast some of your favourite apps too, including Netflix and Youtube. Integrated 2.5W speakers and quiet, fanless cooling mean you don’t need to connect additional speakers or headphones, but you do have the option thanks to Bluetooth wireless technology.

Take stories with you everywhere

Best Buy reviewer, Shelly Wutke, received the CINEMOOD and you can find out about her experience here. Shelly explains the difference between this palm-sized smart projector and a standard projector. Aside from the obvious size difference, a standard projector generally has to be connected to a power source and a computer. CINEMOOD, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be plugged in or even connected to Wi-Fi.

It boasts five hours of rechargeable battery life, 16GB of internal memory, and tons of preloaded, family-friendly content. That means, when you’re in the car on the way to Grandma’s house or snuggled up in your sleeping bags on a camping trip, this pocket-sized powerhouse will let you transform any space into a family entertainment hub with movie theatre-like atmosphere. There’s no end to the fun your family can have with the versatile CINEMOOD. Simply dim the lights and let the stories work their magic. The question is, what would your family use this portable home theatre for?


Entering this contest is easy, but you only get one entry! I mentioned the benefits of stories. Everyone loves a story. So, what’s your story? In a comment below, tell us what family occasion the CINEMOOD would enhance and why. Maybe there’s a birthday party or other special occasion to plan for? Maybe there’s a makeshift fort or treehouse-under-construction that could use its own movie theatre? Maybe there’s a family road trip or camping weekend coming up? Think about all the fun things you and your family can do with this innovative smart projector and tell us about your plan for it.


We will randomly draw two winners. Each winner will receive a CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theatre. The prize is detailed in the Rules and Regulations below.

This contest runs from March 13th until March 27th

Remember, you can only enter once. However, you probably know someone on the lookout for a family-friendly entertainment solution, so please share this contest and they too will have a chance to win this prize.

Win CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theatre – Rules & Regulations

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  1. I dont own a huge tv screen. I love movies and the CINEMOOD would enhance the movie experience compared to watching on a small tv.

  2. 2019 is a milestone year for our family .. a 50th wedding anniversary , a 10th and 20th wedding anniversary , an 18th birthday and a spouse’s 70th birthday !! The Cinemood would be awesome for a family gathering !!

  3. This would be an amazing device to use with the kids when They have sleepovers in the tent in the backyard! I always love listening to them all giggle back there. Good luck to Everyone!!

  4. With three little boys who love outside adventures in the summer time, I can’t think of a better evening treat than a little backyard camping with a movie projected on the side of our house. Fun memories indeed!

  5. We live outside in the summer this would be a huge hit with family and friends to use outside sitting in the pool watching a movie.

  6. I think this would be great for movie night at the lake in the summer…..kind of like a drive-in….but like a beach blanket movie night!

  7. A birthday party with the CINEMOOD would enhance the kids ‘Blanket fort’ sleepover where they could watch some TV before bed anywhere! .

  8. A milestone birthday is coming up for a family member. The Cinemood would be great to show a compilation of home movie clips and photos at the celebration.

  9. This would be great for our annual road trip with the grand kids. This would keep them occupied while in the hotel room.

  10. My daughter and I like to play hidden object games together, meaning we both hunch over the same screen. This would make it far easier for us to play together!

  11. I think this device would make watching movies while lying in bed more comfortable. I would aim it at the ceiling and lie down flat on my pillow and doze off while watching a movie.

  12. It would enhance every camping trip in our popup camper, whether it be a bedtime show to help go to sleep, movie outside for the kids to watch by the fire, or just entertainment for a rainy night in

  13. The CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theatre would enhance our holiday event throughout Christmas to allow our guests to view our adventures throughout the previous year. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  14. We go to a cottage for a good part of the summer every year, up North (Ontario). There is no WiFI and we only get one station on the TV, no cable etc. This would be so fantastic to have for the movie watching we love to do in the evenings and rainy windy days!

  15. We’re planning to move from a condo into a house this year and will be throwing a “new home” party. Families will be welcome to come and having an area for the kids to hang out with and outdoor theatre would be the raddest!

  16. Self powered – would be great for any remote location. Take it camping, ATV or even Canoeing. Would not be waterproof so just invest in some form of protection and litteral movies anywhere.

  17. This would be nice when we go camping for the kids we could set it up in the tent and watch it on the Tent

  18. My grandchildren would love this when they have summer sleepovers on our covered deck. It would be a perfect way to cuddle up together in the blankets, with popcorn and a movie under the stars! It would be a great way to make new memories!

  19. I had seen these a little while ago and thought they were so cool!
    I have a 6 year old sibling who I would love to set up their tent outside and use this on a sheet we could hang on the side of the house and be under the stars enjoying our favorite movies! This thing looks really cool and I could use it to make memories.

  20. What a great contest and prize …. This would be awesome to use at our Easter family celebration

  21. Thanks for another great prize offering. I can visualize my husband and I watching movies in the backyard with our grandchildren, enjoying a big bowl of popcorn.

  22. What a great size and portability the cinemood project is. I would take it to my friends house and we can have a cool old fashion movie night . Thanks for offering opportunity to win

  23. The cinemood projector would allow me to watch movies with my family and our next vacation. What an awesome device

  24. I have lots of vacation video to watch and enjoy.
    The cinemood projector Will make it a fun event. Thanks for offering and opportunity to win

  25. Mom’s 86th birthday party is coming. It would be great to download some movies and showcase on her birthday. The Cinemood projector which would be a great means to doing this.

  26. What gives more pleasure than revisiting wonderful memories!! This is one beautiful giveaway!! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  27. This would be amazing in the tent! So much better than being huddled around a 10 inch tablet; the whole side of the tent could be our screen on those inevitable rainy nights!

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