We’ve been hearing a lot about smart homes lately and for a good reason. A smart home is more convenient, more safe and secure, and more energy efficient. And it’s pretty easy to make your home smarter given that there are smart products in pretty much everyone’s price range. There are also a huge range of ways to make your home smarter. You could get a smart lock, smart lights, or even just a smart outlet that you can control with your phone. One way you may not have thought of is to place your television in the safest, most convenient location possible using a Sanus TV wall mount. Enter this contest for a chance to do just that!

Why is a TV mount a smart option for any home

Gone are the days of massively heavy televisions taking up large sections of the floor space in a room, or needing to be placed on or in bulky, unsightly cabinets that don’t fit in with any room’s decor. Even the largest televisions sold at Best Buy are sleek and light enough to be easily mounted onto almost any wall. There is no reason for anyone to risk one of these technological wonders falling off a TV stand onto a child or pet. A safer, smarter option for your family, and for the TV itself, is to mount it once and for all where it will be off the floor, up where everyone can simply enjoy it. That is the smart thing to do.

So in a broad sense there are many additions you can make to your home that will make it smarter. Smart tech, of course, would be included in this; but the list doesn’t end with tech that you can control using your smart phone or tablet. For you, it might be a ceiling mounted drying rack, or a compact folding bed for when guests come over. Or it might be a new Sanus TV mount for your television.

Is it hard to mount a television

I won’t generalize: I bet there are some mounts that offer severe challenges due to poor instructions or incomplete components so they work with few televisions. Not so with the Sanus mounts. We sent one of the same types of mounts that we are giving in this contest to reviewer Brad Moon. Note that Brad was asked to do a permanent installation so that he could discuss exactly what you need to know for setting up this mount. Brad is not a professional installer, just a normal guy with a TV who wanted a smart TV setup in his home. Read his article, and watch his video and you’ll see exactly how easy it is to setup a Sanus TV mount—then enter this contest for your chance to win one.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy but you can only enter once. In a comment below, tell us one thing available at Best Buy that you want to add to your home that will make your home smarter. I’ve listed a few suggestions above, but the possibilities are really endless.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will select one winner from all eligible entries to receive a new Sanus Advanced Full-Motion TV Wall Mount.

This contest will run from Oct 25th until Nov 11th.

Remember you can only enter this contest once but you probably know someone with a big screen TV that would look better on a wall. Let them know about this contest so they too have a chance to win.

Win a Sanus TV Mount Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck


  1. A smart lock, smart lights,or a smart outlet would be cool. Bu the Sanus TV wall mount is awesome!

  2. A smart TV would be a great addition to our home! Smart home options are a great way to protect and save energy in any home.

  3. Definitely the “Google Nest Hello doorbell.And a smart camera for monitoring the outside”. Will check them out at Christmas or Black Friday.

  4. My wife & I are new to smart home stuff and don’t have any of the new smart stuff. We would love to hear your suggestions Martin Renaud! We do have a new baby in our apartment and we would love it if our apartment was safer for her and our 2 cats. ps In the first line of the section titled “Is it hard to mount a television?” There is a spelling mistake. You wrote sever instead of severe, which has a completely different meaning. I won’t generalize: I bet there are some mounts that offer sever challenges due to poor instructions or incomplete components so they work with few televisions.

    • Hi Brian, thanks for pointing out the typo. Your question would make a great article so I’ll ask our Editor of smart tech Leo Bond to get working on it. I’ll suggest he begin with the router, since most smart tech will place demands on the internet in your home so a good router that can handle the extra bandwidth without slowing your Netflix to a crawl would be important. Then secure the perimeter with smart and convenient smart locks. These can lock your door as your leave, allow you to check that the door is locked from anywhere, and unlock your door as you approach it so you can keep baby in one arm, groceries in the other, and still open the door. Of course, you don’t want to walk into a pitch-black home and trip over one or both of your cats (especially with baby and groceries in your arms) so smart lights that automatically turn on, or turn on with a voice command thanks to the Google Home near the entrance would be helpful. The Google home will also help at night when getting up to feed your daughter and you can turn on the lights with your voice, or just tell it to play some quiet soothing music to help get her back to sleep. Lastly, a smart camera over the crib allows you to see your daughter day or night and get notified when she wakes up right on your phone. Those are a few suggestions, but I’m sure Leo will have a lot more to suggest once he gets thinking about it.

      Best regards,

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