Sennheiser momentum true wireless headphones review, how toSmart shoppers already have their eyes peeled for holiday deals and headphones are a great gift choice. There’s almost no one who can’t use a good pair of headphones, whether they take them to the gym, on a run, wear them to block out noise while traveling or commuting, or just to zone out and relax at home.

Why choose wireless headphones?

Wireless and truly wireless headphones have taken another massive jump in popularity and theres a few reasons you should choose wireless headphones this holiday season.

1. No wires to get tangled

If you’re like me, you ruined enough sets of wired/aux headphones by getting them caught on something and literally ripping them from your ears—and your aux jack. Wireless headphones are the ultimate in freedom. With no wires, there’s nothing to get caught on gym equipment or armrests, nothing to get tangled in your backpack or bag and you don’t need to stay tied to your phone or tablet—you can move around the house while enjoying music or podcasts and lots more via Bluetooth. our recommendation for wireless headphones for the gym: Beats by Dre Powerbeats. A great recommendation for wireless headphones for home: Jabra Elite 85h and if you need a recommendation for travel: Marshall Major III folding on ear headphones.

2. Batteries are getting better and longer lasting

We know: early truly wireless headphones had batteries that probably couldn’t have gotten you through a movie. Things have changed. Batteries in truly wireless headphones have gotten more powerful and now last much longer than their predecessors.

Plus, most truly wireless headphones have charging cases that double as tiny battery banks, meaning that if you do need them to stay topped up, the case handles it for you.

Some outstanding wireless headphones with solid battery life and a charging case include Apple AirPods Pro, Sennheiser Momentum or Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Bose SoundLink II wireless headphones3. Sound quality is excellent

Headphones are so personal; some folks can only exist with big over ear cans, while others hate to be so conspicuous and demand the smallest in-ear headphones for their life. Whichever your personal preference in style, you can find headphones that sound amazing.

Depending on if you’re on a budget, or you’re going to splurge on premium headphones to use for years to come, there’s plenty of brands that are known for their outstanding audio quality. You’ll be hard pressed to find wireless headphones that sound crackly or static-y or that suffer from dropouts any more. Headphone manufacturers have taken design and connectivity to the next level.

For some headphones with amazing audio quality, check out Beats by Dre Solo3 wireless, Bose Soundlink II  or Sony WH-1000X.

There’s so many more reasons to choose wireless headphones, like noise cancellation, ambient Hear-Through listening, customizable fit, great prices and lots more.

Shop all the great headphone options at Best Buy this holiday season.

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