By now the hunt for holiday gifts is in full swing. If you’re shopping for headphones, we hope you’re looking for truly wireless headphones, since these are the gifts nearly everyone is asking for. In particular, we recommend Sony 1000XM3 in ear truly wireless headphones.

Give the gift of truly wireless headphones

Truly wireless headphones are, as the name suggests, headphones without any wires. (The name evolved from a time when headphones first started to lose their wires, but some still retained a neckband between the earbuds.) When they first came out, truly wireless headphones had a relatively short battery life, but ho, ho, ho how things have changed over the last three or four years!

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Sony 1000XM3 truly wireless earbuds make a great gift

Truly wireless headphones are now longer lasting, with recharging cases that pack several more charges, meaning they’re better than ever for travel and commuting. Truly wireless headphones like the Sony 1000XM3 also come with different gel ear tips to get the perfect fit and when it comes to features, these check all the boxes: NFC technology for easy pairing with Android devices, active noise cancelling to block out unwanted outside sounds and noise bleed, plus ambient mode to allow you to hear what’s going on around you if you need to stay aware.

sony wf1000xm3 2These headphones give you up to 4.5 hours of listening time (even with active noise canceling turned on) and 24 hours of life inside the case for non-stop listening and if you do need juice, a ten minute quick-charge gives you 90 minutes of playback time so you’re never without your music.

When it comes to sound quality, you know you can count on audio and electronics giant Sony to deliver on great sound. Enjoy your music, audiobooks, and more without wires and with superior sound quality on these Sony 1000XM3 in-ear noise canceling truly wireless headphones.

Why choose truly wireless headphones & ear buds?

There are so many advantages to truly wireless headphones that I wrote a whole blog about the reasons to choose them, which you can read here. If you want the spoiler, they’re ultra compact for travel, there’s no wires to catch anywhere like on the armrest or turnstile, the batteries last a long time, and the sound quality is amazing. Combine those reasons with the fact prices have come down since the first truly wireless headphones have hit the market and you’ve got a device that makes a great gift any music lover, traveler or teenager will love.

sony wf1000xm3 2Of course there’s all kinds of other options for truly wireless earbuds too, if you’re loyal to certain brands, or if you’re shopping for a fashion-conscious type. If you’re looking for other styles like over ear or on ear headphones, Best Buy carries all the biggest brands and has many exclusive styles and colours, so check out more of what’s available in truly wireless headphones here.

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    • There is a reason why Tech Youtuber MKBHD says these are the best wireless headphones on the market.

      Although there may be many acceptable options for wireless headphones, I can’t think of a better pair of wireless headphones that currently exist on the market. Once anyone tries these, nothing else comes close.

  1. Wow I’ve always used wire headphone but these would be awesome for travelling specially with the battery life improvement

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