Today I have not one, but two hoverboards to show you. There’s the XPRIT 6.5″ Wheel Hoverboard and the XPRIT 8.5″ Wheel All-Terrain Hoverboard. I’ve recently been zipping around on these boards in a nearby parking lot and a few other places, and now I’m going to tell you all about them. Just keep on reading to learn all about their features, specs, performance in testing, and to see which one of these very cool boards is the right choice for you. Let’s begin.

Common Features of Both XPRIT Hoverboards

There are a number of common features between these two hoverboards. For instance, both have rubber tires and a self-balancing (or auto-levelling) feature that makes them super easy to ride (even if you’re not the most coordinated or well-balanced person).

They also both have built-in LED lights and a Bluetooth speaker for streaming music directly from your smart phone (or other music device) as you ride around on them, and both boards can handle an incline of up to 15 degrees (not a lot, but not bad considering we’re still talking about going up hill).

The charger that’s included with both boards is the same

Both boards also come with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery built right in, and both have an included charging adaptor (see photo) to charge them with. Each board also boasts a long battery life (the smaller one will take you up to 6 Km on a single charge, while the bigger one will last for 9.7 Km of riding) and takes approximately two hours of charging time to get ready for use.

Both models are also UL2272 certified, meaning they’ve passed certain electrical and fire safety standards for both Canada and the United States.

Finally, both boards have a minimum age recommendation of eight years old (with no upper limit), and proper safety gear is always a good idea when riding (for all users!).

A Few Key Differences

Although the major features of these boards are shared, there are also several key differences—particularly in how much weight each board can handle. The smaller board, for example, has minimum and maximum weight capacities of 45lb. and 165lb. respectively, while the larger (all-terrain) board can handle anything between 32lb. and 220lb.

The 8.5″ (Monster Truck) wheels on the bigger board have deep treads to help you get around on rough terrain

Other differences in these boards include their tire size (6.5″ versus 8.5″ on the bigger board), the top speed that each board can achieve (15 Km/h for the smaller board; 9 Km/h for the bigger one), and a considerable weight difference between the two boards (the larger one weighs over 30lb. while the smaller one weighs 22lb.).

The difference in board weight could be significant under circumstances where one has to carry the board around, such as in places where riding might be off limits (perhaps a shopping mall?). It’s also going to be a whole lot easier for most smaller sized users to carry the smaller board (though 22lb. isn’t exactly light), so this is something to consider.

Riding the XPRIT 6.5″ Hoverboard

Testing hoverboards is always a lot of fun. I took this one to a nearby parking lot that’s empty much of the time and gave it a pretty good run while there. The lot had been recently repaved, so no cracks, bumps, or potholes to worry about, and aside from lots of pine cones everywhere (which I was mostly able to avoid), the test went as smooth as silk.

The LEDs in the XPRIT 6.5″ light up in various bright colours

One thing I was particularly impressed with this smaller (blue) board was the fact that it was able to carry my weight around without any trouble even though I am WELL above its maximum weight limit—and I’m talking by a good 60+ pounds! The board didn’t zip along super fast or anything, but it kept up a decent speed and never once faltered under my gargantuan (that may be an exaggeration) weight.

I think that anyone falling within this board’s stated weight range limit will have no difficulty at all getting it up to full speed and having a great time riding around on it. It’s fast, fun, and full of great features!

XPRIT 8.5″ All-Terrain Hoverboard Test

As for the bigger board, what’s especially cool about this one (aside from the fact that it has 3 different speed modes) is that it can go more places than the standard board.

This is due not only to the oversized wheels that this board has, but also due to its heavy duty build and ability to carry extra weight. When you’re getting into dirt, gravel, and other somewhat rocky terrain, having bigger tires means more clearance under the board, but having a higher weight capacity means that you’ll have an easier time getting over the bumps.

Here I am riding the 8.5″ board on a gravel field

All of this has to be taken within reason, of course. For example, you can’t take this thing into seriously rocky terrain—it just doesn’t have the clearance for really big rocks. On grass and gravel (even groomed hiking trails) however, this board does just fine.

And remember those pine cones I mentioned earlier? Well, with this board I didn’t have to steer around them—it basically just chewed them up and spat them out. Ok, maybe not technically, but it easily ran over scads of them without the least bit of difficulty. I didn’t even get bucked off of the board once due to pine cones!

Examining the Video Evidence

Please take a couple of minutes to watch this brief video overview of both of these XPRIT hoverboards. While you won’t get much extra information beyond what you’re getting here in the written review, seeing these boards in action speaks volumes and certainly is worthwhile:

Final Thoughts 

I like both of these boards a lot. For someone of my height and weight (about 6 foot and 220lb.), the 8.5″ board is the better option even though the smaller board performed impressively. I just figure that if I were using it all the time, surely the thing would have to fail at some point—and a lot sooner than it otherwise might.

XPRIT off-road hoverboard

The bottom line, then, is that if you’re over 165 pounds, you should probably choose the bigger XPRIT hoverboard. If it’s close and you’re not over by much, then choose the one that most appeals to you.

Obviously, if your interest is going off-road, you’ll have to choose the 8.5″ XPRIT hoverboard. If smooth, flat surfaces work for you and you’re within that lower weight range, then the smaller 6.5″ XPRIT hoverboard is fine. Either way, you really can’t go wrong if your goal is to cruise around on a top-notch hoverboard and just have fun.


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