The Child

Today I’m taking a look at everybody’s favourite baby Star Wars character—the Child, AKA Baby Yoda, from the Disney+ TV series The Mandalorian. If you’re a fan of the series, which is scheduled to release season 2 sometime in October, then you’re probably also a fan of Baby Yoda. In fact, for most people, this adorable little creature is the show’s main attraction. He’s so popular that when the show first came out, people were dying to get ahold of his toys and merchandise. Unfortunately, Disney and its merchandise partners (Hasbro in this case) were caught off guard, having put all of their focus on toys and products for Episode 9 instead. What that means is that we’ve all had quite a wait for toys like the Star Wars “The Child” Talking Plush with Accessories that I’m reviewing here today. If you’ve been waiting patiently just like the rest of us for a Baby Yoda toy to come out, now you can finally get one. Read on for all the details.

I made a brief video overview to show The Child a little more up close. Please take a couple of minutes to check it out and see what this toy is all about:

“The Child” Plush Star Wars Toy

The Child is a 7.5″ talking (well, talking isn’t exactly the right word—more like baby sound making) plush Star Wars toy that’s perfect for fans and collectors of all ages. He’s cute, comes with cool accessories (his bone broth bowl and a Sorgan frog snack), has articulated (as in floppy) arms, and features 10 different sound effects that really bring him to life.

He’s made of both soft fabric material and hard plastic parts (specifically his head, hands, and feet are hard). To activate his sound effects, all you have to do is give his belly (which also has a hard piece inside) a little squeeze, and one of the effects will be played at random.

He can stand up, lay down, and even be displayed in his official packaging, which looks very similar to the baby stroller contraption he gets around in in the show (see photo at top of page).

Description & Sound Effects

As you might expect, The Child has a soft body and a hard, plastic head. His eyes, which are also a hard material, seem to be separately set in, but they don’t move. The collar of his robe is particularly soft, and the rest of his robe is made from a very thin material that perfectly captures the look of the character.

To achieve the sound effects, a hard box is inside his stomach, so all around that area is soft, but not all the way through. When you press Baby Yoda’s tummy—and hence the sound box, one of ten different sound effects will emerge.

The Child

There’s a crying sound, a squeaking sound, cooing sounds, and pretty much all of the typical baby sounds that you might hear from a human baby.

I was actually going to list them all here in the review, but honestly I couldn’t come up with enough different descriptions to cover the whole 10. Several of them sound very close to each other, though they technically are distinct sounds. I just don’t know how to describe them all. For this reason I decided to show most of them in the attached video review.

Watch The Mandalorian on a New Big Screen TV

With the debut of The Mandalorian season 2 just a few weeks away on the Disney+ streaming service, you might want to watch The Child’s next set of adventures on a brand new Television. A big screen, in particular, would be the ideal way to enjoy the new season of the series.

The one I’m showing here is the Samsung 65″ 4K UHD HDR QLED Tizen Smart TV, and it is absolutely packed with amazing features. For instance, it has a 65″ 4K Ultra HD QLED display (with 3840 x 2160 resolution), a 120MR motion rate for the smoothest possible high speed action, Quantum HDR, Adaptive Sound+ technology, and much, much more!

Of course, you can choose from numerous different TV options, such as the premium TV from Sony described in this article. But whichever premium TV you choose, Baby Yoda is sure to look as cute as ever when The Mandalorian season 2 airs this fall!

Other Baby Yoda Merchandise & Final Thoughts

The Child

This particular Baby Yoda toy is by no means the only one available. Although Star Wars fans were made to wait for several months for something to come out, when it finally did, a variety of different “The Child” items were released.

There are small, static figurines in different characteristic poses (shown below). There’s the Star Wars: The Mandalorian – “The Child” 6.5″ Figure—an authentically styled figure with multiple points of articulation that’s similar to this one in size, but without the sound effects. And there’s even the much bigger Star Wars The Mandalorian Soft Body 11 Inch Plush Figure, which is probably pretty close to the actual Baby Yoda’s size, if not a little bit bigger. Basically there’s something for everyone.

As for this particular Baby Yoda plush toy, the reason I picked it up was because I thought it was the coolest overall representation of the character (what with the sound effects and cute accessories). In the end, I am very glad I got him. He’s a lot of fun to display, and although I don’t feel the need to play with my Star Wars collectibles, he’s definitely got what it takes to appeal to younger fans.

If you or your child are a fan of Baby Yoda, you’re going to love this plush toy. You can tote him around like you’re the Mandalorian yourself and he’s your responsibility (role playing—kids will love doing this), or you can display him in your home and just enjoy having him around. Whether displayed inside his stroller styled packaging or out, he’s fun, he’s cute, and he’s not expensive. What’s not to love?

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