I’m of the opinion that no one should truly 100% grow-up. I really think people ought to occasionally partake in youthful frivolities, like having candy for breakfast and jumping in mud puddles—and playing with toys and games. That keeps magic weaving its way through our lives, adding a spring to our steps and a sparkle to our eyes. Luckily, Best Buy has a huge selection of toys and games for everyone, so whether you’re one or 100 you can relive a bit of that childhood magic. What’s more, we’re running our annual toy contest! Read on and learn about the magical selection of toys at Best Buy, then enter the contest for a chance to win some for your family. Imagine the magic that your whole family will experience with a fantastic bundle of toys delivered to your home!

Sphero, Anki, and Oculus make learning magical

There is a huge range of STEM and robotics toys available these days, and the best part is, they’re so much fun to use that kids will enjoy learning.

Sphero Bolt robot ball STEM toy
Sphero Bolt makes coding fun to learn

Sphero creates toys like the BOLT robotic ball to teach kids coding through a block-based visual language. Using the Sphero Edu app, you can control the Bolt’s movement and speed, as well as the colour and brightness of the built-in LED lights. Light sensors, infrared sensors, and a magnetic compass provide it with data, so it can be programmed it to change direction if it meets an obstacle.

The Anki Cozmo and Vector robots are home assistants with personality. These diminutive robots are curious, interactive, and capable of learning. Designed with both an IQ and EQ, these robots are smart and endearing. They will become a part of your family as they help you out with weather reports and answering search queries, or play games like Quick Tap and Keep Away.

As a child, I used to dream of travelling to another universe. With virtual reality, that dream comes pretty darn close to true. Using 3D graphics and amazing optics, the Oculus Go headset can transport you to other dimensions. Oculus Go gives you access to over 1,000 virtual reality games, social apps, and 360-degree experiences. Always wanted to visit the moon or walk among dinosaurs? How about stepping into the pages of a comic? Or have you’ve always dreamed of fighting super villains. All of this is possible with the magic of Oculus virtual reality.

Zoom into adventure with ride on toys and race tracks

Ride on toy car
Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

Maybe you were always a bit of thrill seeker, well, we have toys for that too. Best Buy has a huge selection of ride on cars that are sure to delight any little driver. Choose from authentic scale replicas of vehicles like Jeeps, BMWs, and Maseratis from brands like Best, Kool Karz, and Powerwheels. This sweet rides are each decked out with details like a horn, lights, and music. Most ride on toys are equipped with parental controls too, so you can rest easy as your child zooms about. And perhaps the best thing about ride on toys is they get your kids outside, away for tablets and TVs, enjoying the fresh air.

If you want to keep your racing indoors, Anki also makes the Overdrive, an intelligent battle racing system. Build your track and race solo, AI, or against friends as you control you car through the app. As you race you can unlock weapons and upgrades, and customize your car, plus the app is always being updated, so gameplay is always fresh. That’s the beauty of tech toys; the magic keeps evolving.

For the younger race car enthusiasts, there are Carrera GO!!! racing systems. Kids can race zoom around tracks with themes like Nintendo Mario Kart and Ferrari, both of which are prizes in this contest.

LEGO, Fingerlings, Dollhouses allow us to tap into our imaginations

LEGO, who doesn’t love it? You can recreate iconic scenes from your favourite films or build something truly one-of-a-kind that only you would dream up. Race in the Indy 500 with the LEGO Technic Rally car, casts spells in Hogwarts Great Hall, or explore a galaxy far far away in the Millenium Falcon. There are so many LEGO sets available I’ll leave it to you to find which LEGO set is the most magical to you.

WowWee Fingerlings Hugs
Fingerlings Hugs make a cute companion for kids

Interactive toys, especially those that look like cuddly little creatures, bring the cartoon animal sidekick to life. (My personal favourites were Fizzgig from Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal and Pegasus from Disney’s Hercules). On of the hottest toys this year are the Fingerlings Hugs by WowWee. These lovable, interactive critters can say and do over 40 things, and have extra long arms for hugging and hanging around. Hatchimals too, offer children a chance to have their own animal companion. Children can hatch a mystery animal and nurture it as it learns and grows.

Just as children love caring for animals, so too do they love creating stories and imitating grown ups. Pretend play is an important element in a child’s development and toys like dollhouses and activity tables and playsets are wonderful ways for children to tap into their imaginations

Best Buy has the best selection of toys

As you can see from the above, Best Buy’s toy selection is impressive. Also impressive is Best Buy’s toy contest. Every year at this time we give away thousands of dollars worth of toys.

Take a look at what some of our past years’ winners received!

This year there are seven great toy bundle prizes, each containing magical fun for the whole family. Read carefully the details below, then enter the contest … and be sure to tell your friends!


Entering is easy, but you can enter only once. Go to the toy section at Bestbuy.ca, and locate the toy you think would bring you or a child in your life the most magic. In a comment, tell us what that toy is and why you selected it. Would a Lego set bring you back to the days of building towers taller than you were? Would a Fingerling Hug simply delight your niece or nephew? Tell us below!


We will randomly draw seven winners to each win a toy prize pack that’s absolutely full of fantastic goodies. The complete prize list is shown in the Rules and Regulations.

This contest runs from November 2nd until November 19th.

Remember you can only enter this contest once by leaving a comment below telling us what toy would bring magic into your life. Spread the magic and encourage your friends and family to enter too!

Good Luck

The Magical Best Buy Toy Contest Rules and Regulations

We frequently have many contests running at Best Buy so check out the “contests in progress” page for more great contests to enter.



  1. I would LOVE to surprise my twins with a Kitchen Set. They absolutely love creating all sorts of delicious creations with their play food set and this would allow their imagination to soar!!! FINGERS CROSSED!!! Thank you for the AMAZING chance.

  2. My 4yo daughter has been fascinated by space and inventing. I think she would love a telescope. What a wonderful contest, thanks for the opportunity.

  3. My 4 kids are all big LEGO fans!! It brings us all to the table Christmas morning! It’s so much fun helping them and watching them help each other build!
    Thanks for the great opportunity!

  4. I show the toys webpage to my 3 years old son on his iPad and said Baby select what you want. He said mama I want this black car Volvo XC90 Ride-On Toy – Black. 😀
    He is too obsessed with cars that he sleeps with all his toy cars parked near him. he won’t even sleep without holding one. Lolz

  5. My Grandsons would love Lego Star Wars – First Order Star Destroyer……..it is a large set which would keep the two of them occupied and working together on something. I find with the Lego instructions Grandma can even help build.

  6. My Goddaughter is in a robotics class and she is love it. She loves to build things. I think that the Jimu Robot Unicorn kit will be the perfect Christmas gift for her as it will be something that she can be proud off when she builds and codes it by herself.

  7. My two daughters would have a great time exploring and using their imagination on any ride-on toy we could use in the back yard, however, the Hatchimals are always a hit too, I think they bring magic because of the element of surprise in each one!

  8. Any lego to build his motor skills teacher told me lego would help in his fine motor skills he is 5 and my daughter is 14 she would love a iphone hers broke thank you for letting me enter

  9. My youngest is a Lego master builder in our house. She can spend hours building her own version of buildings and eventually creating her own town. She has also ventured into coding because they were exposed to it in school. I would love to give her toys that will engage her into into learning and still have fun and interact actively with her friends.

    • I am only 14 so I don’t really have a lot of money to spend at Christmas so I was entering this so I could have a chance of winning so I could get presents for most of my family like lego sets for my little brothers and the fingerlings things for my younger sisters and the anki robot would seem pretty fun for my uncles kids so that’s all I’m saying hopefully i win thanks

  10. My daughters would be so excited to receive an LoL Surprise Big Surprise, my son would be happy with any toddler toy! Having kids on Christmas has made it exciting again like when I was little!

  11. My son has been wanting the cozmo robot forever. He plays with it every time he goes over to his friend’s house. It is very cool how it recognizes faces etc.


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