Recreational Drones

Today I’m considering a new way of looking at drones by exploring Best Buy’s recent reclassification of some drone models as Recreational Drones. If you’re into drones, join me below as I uncover what makes the cut as a recreational drone by way of a few representative examples.

Note: The model shown above is the SNAPTAIN SP700 GPS Drone with Brushless Motor, 5G WiFi FPV RC Drone for Adults. This cool camo drone has some really amazing features and is known for being fun and easy to fly. I would definitely recommend checking out its Best Buy product page to learn all about it.

What are Recreational Drones?

Recreational Drones are a classification of drones that fit somewhere between Toy Drones and Professional Drones (or, as some people might say, Photography Drones). As such, they can provide a lot of casual piloting fun while also offering a variety of high-end features that are useful for more serious pursuits, such as amateur photography and filmmaking. This is because—as it is very important to note, there’s a lot of overlap between the various classifications of drones.

Shown here is the DJI Mini 2 Quadcopter Drone with Camera – the perfect drone for family fun & photography

In any case, recreational drones are just what they sound like—drones designed for recreational use. This can mean anything from family outings or gatherings where you want to capture the fun on video or entertain the kids with your piloting skills, to sightseeing adventures in the mountains where you hope to capture some breathtaking photographs or sweet video footage. In other words, recreational drones have all the features and capabilities necessary to make them ideal for virtually any situation.

Features of Recreational Drones

Recreational Drones may have several of the same features as both toy drones and professional photography drones. While some recreational drones include fun features like the ability to engage in stunt flying and FPV goggles with which to enjoy a first person view of everything that the drone sees during its flight, others may be geared more toward capturing video and images at a level only slightly below (or even equal to) that of professional photography drones.

Among the features you may find in drones designed for recreational purposes are auto takeoff and landing, return to home, high speed and altitude maximums, obstacle avoidance through the use of sensors, emergency features like the ability to quickly brake and hover in place, auto return on low battery (a feature that brings the drone back to its point of takeoff when the battery is too low to continue flying), stunt capabilities (like multi-directional flips and flying in patterns), a special Follow Me feature, and many others.

Recreational Drones

Shown here is the DJI FPV Quadcopter Drone with Camera & Controller, which easily meets the criteria of a recreational drone with features like 3 different flight modes (for pilots of different experience/skill levels) and compatibility with the DJI FLY App—for sharing your brilliant photos and live-streaming footage online. For more details on this specific model, you can read my announcement article from just 3 weeks ago when it was first revealed to the world.

As you can see, Recreational Drones encompass some of the very best drones that are out there today, and Best Buy Canada has a massive selection of them. They’ve got all of the other kinds of Drones as well, so consider which is best for your specific needs and check them out online today.

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