Join me today as I take a closer look at the Swagtron T5 Electric Hoverboard. This seemingly futuristic device is the coolest low-impact way to get from one place to another in today’s modern world, and I am here to try and uncover some of its very best features. Included on the list are the Swagtron’s safety, its ease of use, and its overall weight (which, at just under 19 lbs., makes it relatively easy to carry practically anywhere). If this fun little device is of interest to you, keep on reading to learn all about it!

Swagtron means safety

swagtron-hoverboard-2The Swagtron T5 Electric Hoverboard was designed with safety in mind. In fact, it’s been fully UL certified as safe for consumer use. UL, formerly known as Underwriters Laboratories, is known, trusted, and widely respected as a global leader in setting the scientific & technological standards for all manner of tech based products. As a wholly independent company, UL tests, validates, & certifies technological products to ensure that they are 100% safe for public consumption. Therefore, earning a UL certification is considered to be a fairly significant achievement for any tech company or product. Key to earning this important certification was the incombustible nature of the materials used for the Swagtron’s pads and wheels, as well as the plastic housing of its electronic components. Swagtron also employs something called Sentryshield Multilayer Technology to protect the board’s electronic components (such as the battery & mainboard, not to mention its gears) from fire hazards and dispersion of heat throughout the unit during use. Additionally, you needn’t worry about the Swagtron’s battery ever being damaged by overcharging (or overheating), because this issue has been fully addressed as well. Finally, the Swagtron T5 Electric Hoverboard is a zero emissions product, meaning that it’s as friendly to the environment as it is to its riders. All up, the Swagtron T5 Electric Hoverboard is, according to the experts at UL, an incredibly safe product.


The Swagtron is easy to use

swagtron-hoverboard-3The Swagtron T5 Electric Hoverboard is an easy to use device that’s revolutionizing personal transportation thanks to its ability to get you from point A to point B faster than walking ever could. In fact, part of what makes the Swagtron so easy to use is its fully self-balancing system featuring gyroscopic technology to take the onus of always remaining balanced off of you and place it firmly on the hoverboard. In other words, the Swagtron T5 may just look like a somewhat fancy skateboard, but it’s not really anything like a skateboard at all. Whereas a skateboard requires a certain amount of skill and balance to ride successfully, the Swagtron is designed to allow virtually anyone to both stop and steer the board simply by shifting their body weight. The fancy term for this is dynamic equilibrium, but all you need to know is that merely by shifting your weight, you can easily apply directional momentum to the board or stop its movement entirely. It’s super easy! Moreover, the Swagtron features high-grade aluminum wheels that provide superior traction (as well as more precise handling), and its non-slip foot pads make for an ever comfortable ride while providing added safety as well. In other words, this board not only offers great handling, but you’re also not likely to slip or fall off of the board if you ride sensibly and in reasonable places. One thing that really impressed me when I first began learning about the Swagtron T5 is that it’s completely safe for riding down hill. I don’t know that I would have really expected that, but it’s certainly good to know!


The Swagtron is easy to carry

swagtron-hoverboard-4For those  times when you can’t ride your Swagtron, such as when you’re climbing stairs or traversing extremely bumpy terrain, you’ll be happy to know that you can simply pick your hoverboard up and carry it in your hands (or, if you prefer, maybe in a backpack). The Swagtron T5 weighs just over 8.5Kgs (or 18.9lbs) and is therefore light enough to easily carry over short distances with no great difficulty. This is one way in which the Swagtron is rather like a skateboard, as skaters can often be seen picking up and carrying their boards in areas where riding is not very practical. And although the board itself is relatively lightweight, it actually has the ability to carry riders weighing up to 85Kgs (which is just over 187lbs). This means that most people should be able to safely ride the Swagtron if they don’t carry too heavy a load with them while doing it. You could, for instance, use it for riding to school, or for getting across a large, spread-out campus when moving between classes. Just don’t carry too many books with you when you do, or you might overburden your board. You might even use it in conjunction with your car. For instance, if you are required to park far from your home or place of business, you could use your Swagtron to go back and forth between your vehicle and your ultimate destination. The possible uses for a Swagtron Hoverboard are practically unlimited once you begin using your imagination!


Video summary of key features

Before we wrap things up, I invite you to view the following brief promotional video that summarizes some of the key features of the Swagtron T5 Electric Hoverboard. This is not a video review that was made by me, but rather a short promotional video that offers some useful insights into just what this feature-rich hoverboard is all about! Check it out below:


Final thoughts

Even though this article is not a hands-on review, I am fairly confident in saying that the Swagtron T5 Electric Hoverboard is an item of great interest to me. I can’t help but wonder how well I’d be able to handle it, and how much faster I could get around if I had one. It’s definitely a product I’m curious about. Hopefully this Swagtron Hoverboard is truly as amazing as it sounds. If you’ve got existing experience with this exciting product, I’d love to hear about it below. And that goes for any questions, comments, or concerns—as well as any other pertinent thoughts you may have.

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